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This is best online gourmet food store. Vedant Food Solutions is a leading online gourmet food store based in Pune. It offers a wide variety of Indian, Japanese, Oriental, Continental, and Indian food products to make your kitchen a foodie’s paradise, keep you fit and healthy, and satisfy your taste buds. Vedant Food Solutions is an authorised distributor of Unilever Food Solutions and importer of international gourmet food products in Pune serving the ever-expanding food industry of the city through supplying food items to star hotels, hotels, restaurants, dark kitchens, mass kitchens, and individuals through home-delivery.


•Ready-to-Cook food products
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Why Buy from Vedant Food Solutions?

•It is one of the online gourmet stores that can cater to your needs. Whether you want to try Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, French, Italian, any other European and Mediterranean food at home, we offer an easy and safe shopping experience through our secured website.
•You can buy hygienic, healthy, and nutritious products at cost-effective prices.
•You can shop for all your daily and monthly groceries at one spot.
•You can pay online through our reliable and secure payment gateway or also avail COD (cash on delivery) facility within Pune city.

Here are some japanese food products:

Mirin is one of the most important condiments in Japanese cooking. Basically mirin is sweet and syrup liquid used as a seasoning and glazing agent. Mirin is sweet cooking rice wine
Additionally mirin is a kind of rice wine but it has lower alcohol content. Hon mirin contains more alcohol so that we can store it in cool place.

Bulldog Tonkatsu Sauce made from vegetables & fruits like tomatoes, apples which are blended with vinegar & different spices. It is highly served with meat dish & deep fried foods. It pairs well with delicate food such as white rice And also used as sandwich fillers & with cutlets. It avoids sogginess & also increases appetite. It has special sweetness, sourness & it is highly viscous in nature having yellowish brown color.

How to Order?
• Browse
• Search food products as per your preference
• Add items to cart
• Provide address and click to “Proceed to Checkout” for payment option

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