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Q Derma Institute has an applicative and in-depth curriculum. Q Derma Institute always provides direction and helps doctors to focus and achieve the desired results in performing aesthetic medical procedures. Not only teaching theory & practice, Q Derma Institute also provides tips and knowledge about beauty business management & strategies in Indonesia ESTHETICS COURSE MATERIALS

Ozone Therapy for Anti-Aging & Wellness
Ozone therapy is an effective method that can help patients with various indications and has been successfully applied in many countries. This therapy is very safe and leaves no residue. After ozone therapy, the patient's body will be stimulated to produce antioxidants (Gluthatione & SOD), Nitric Oxide (NO) to increase immunity & vasodilation, Dopamine, Enzyme 2,3 DPG to help release oxygen bonds from HbO2 so that oxygenation is more effective, Interleukin 2 and Gamma Interferon.
• Understanding medical ozone
• Indications for ozone therapy
• Contraindications to ozone therapy
• Methods of clinical application of ozone therapy
• Effects of ozone therapy on the human body
• Ozone & Covid19
• Guidelines for ozone therapy based on official international procedures

Slimming & Body Shaping
Slimming & Body Shaping treatment is a treatment favored by consumers in the aesthetic world. The many types of treatments for slimming & body shaping certainly have different principles and how they work. In this curriculum, various kinds of differences will be explained and how to increase the effectiveness of the results for each type of treatment that exists.
• Cryo-Lipolisys
• Cavitation
• Radio Frequency: Vaginal RF, Tripolar, Monopolar CET & RET
• Shockwave & Endermology for Cellulite
• Acupuncture without Needle
• Meso-Slimming.
Light & Laser Sciences
Basic Laser Science is a laser science philosophy that absolutely must be understood by all doctors who practice IPL and Laser. In this material, you will be explained about the basic science of lasers which can really help you in determining what laser is suitable for the indication you want, you will also understand the principles and how lasers work to achieve effective results. Also, by having this knowledge, you can compare whether one laser can be better than another.
• Definition & Terminology of Laser
• Laser Type & Class
• Laser Safety
Laser physics (Basic principles of lasers)
• Laser safe tips
• Key therapeutic laser
• Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
• CO2 Fractional & Surgical Laser,
• Q Switched Nd: YAG Laser for Hyperpigmentation
• Diode 1450 Laser for Acne.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) for Masculinity
ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) is a non-invasive therapeutic procedure with shock waves (shockwaves) that has the ability to treat soft tissue pain. ESWT can increase masculinity in men such as overcoming erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.
• Definition & Mechanism of Action of Shock Wave Therapy
• Shockwave Therapy indications
• Shockwave Therapy contraindications
• Shockwave Therapy for Masculinity
• Medical effects of Shockwave therapy
• Advantages of Shockwave therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
PRP or so-called vampire treatment is one of the superior therapies commonly offered in the aesthetic world. Many methods of PRP extraction & application have been carried out by aesthetic practitioners, but is this method correct? Is the platelet concentration in the extracted PRP sufficient for cell regeneration? In this curriculum, we will thoroughly discuss PRP in depth.
• Understanding PRP and the difference with PPP
• Extraction of PRP from blood
• PRP working principles
• PRP required platelet concentration
• Contraindicated

Biphasic TCA Peel (The Safest TCA Peeling)
Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) which is one of the chemical substances for peeling or exfoliating the skin. TCA peels help get rid of dead skin cells, so hopefully new skin cells will rise and give a better appearance. However, the use of TCA Peel is limited in Indonesia because it is easy for TCA to cause side effects and is easily oxidized. The Biphasic technology applied to TCA Peel makes Biphasic TCA Peel safe and comfortable to use and has minimal side effects.
• Definition of Biphasic Technology
• Biphasic TCA Peel Formulation & Composition
• Usage protocol and intensity of use of Biphasic TCA Peel
• Combination treatments that can be done together with Biphasic TCA Peel
• Clinical Evidence

Beauty Clinic Business Strategy
Engaging in the world of aesthetics is inseparable from the business world to get customers and make the name of a doctor or clinic even more famous. Various kinds of problems sometimes arise not in the medical practice that doctors do, but from poorly organized business management. Not only teaching theory & practice, Q Derma Institute also provides tips and knowledge about management & business strategies that can be useful for doctors in running their aesthetic business.
• Future Prospects of Indonesia's Economy
• The key to a successful beauty clinic business
• Tips for having a sustainable business
• The structure of the beauty business market in Indonesia
• How to handle customer complaints and dissatisfaction
• Business differentiation
• Branding Strategy

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