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Try the professional blemish removal product at home from Free Of Blemishes that blends with your skin perfectly to permanently remove blemishes without leaving a scar on your skin. We as a whole have a few or other skin issues. While most of us battle with aging spots, pigmentation and dull spots are yet; some of the huge skin issues that most of us need a permanent solution for. Pigmentation, freckles, and rough skin are the most remarkable skin issues we all face at some age. At this point, with the most recent progress, today there is a wide degree of de-pigmentation creams, serums, and balms that work someplace inside the skin's cell level and gives you blemish-free, depigmented, and even complexion.

Skin blemishes occur due to various reasons. Read this article to know about those reasons and an effective professional blemish removal product from Free Of Blemishes that can permanently remove blemishes without any side effects.

What Are Blemishes?

Blemishes refer to any type of mark, flaw, discoloration, or spot, seen on the body due to acne, whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples. These blemishes can develop anywhere on the skin- often on the face, back, chest, upper arms, or any body part that has hair follicles or open pores. Though most blemishes are benign and not life-threatening yet some blemishes, however, can signal skin cancer.

What Causes Blemishes On Face?

Several factors contribute towards the clogging of the pores, thereby causing face blemishes. Let us look at the factors causing skin blemishes on the face.
• Genetics– Blemishes can occur due to hereditary reasons. Several inherited disorders and conditions can lead to the formation of blemishes on your face, like Fabry disease, which involves gene mutation leading to dark red spots.
• Sun Exposure– One of the top reasons behind common face blemishes and hyperpigmentation is overexposure of your face to the harmful UV rays of the sun.
• Excess Oil Production– Pimples develop when dead skin cells mix with excess oil (sebum), produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands leaving them clogged and infected due to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells; thereby leading to swollen, red lesions filled with pus.
• Hormones– Most blemishes happen because of hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, metabolic movements, and period. A hormone called androgen hyperactively increases oil production, offering a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, thus leading to blemishes.
• Diet– Some people are more likely to have blemishes if their diet is full of dairy products such as skimmed milk. Also, intake of foods with high sugar and carbohydrate may lead to the formation of papules and pustules.
• Medications– Certain medications such as corticosteroids may cause side effects in the form of facial blemishes.
• Allergies– Some food allergies can impact the skin, causing skin irritation or bumps.
• Improper Skin Care Routine– Your face can accumulate a lot of dirt, pollution, or dust throughout the day due to lack of a proper skincare routine as per your skin and eventually causing face blemishes.


For every individual, blemish has a different meaning. For some individual it might be routine that does not cause any harm to their skin whereas for others it might leave dirty reminders on the face that doesn’t fade away quickly. Therefore to counter this issue, it is crucial to use the professional blemish removal product from the reliable Free Of Blemishes to remove blemishes such as Freckles, Moles, Age Spots, Skin Tags, DSAP, and many more- permanently.

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The premiere blemish removal product is developed with a specially formulated freeze spray with an antibiotic that perfectly blends with your skin and works by killing off the blemish-causing bacteria, reducing redness and inflammation to give you healthy-looking skin. So buy the product today to permanently remove blemishes from your skin in the most affordable way possible.

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