Procedures and Risks of Breast Implant Surgery

Procedures and Risks of Breast Implant Surgery Breast Implant Surgery Procedure

Because it is a plastic surgery procedure, this procedure must be performed by a plastic surgeon. Here is a little description of the breast implant surgery procedure:

Before the action begins, of course, consultation is a stage that must be carried out. In this stage, patients are expected to consult more deeply and honestly with related doctors. This is so that the procedure is safer, and the patient's expectations can be achieved. Besides consulting about medical matters, you can also consult about the cost of the breast implants needed.

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Anesthesia Process
The first step before breast implant surgery is the process of giving anesthesia. This process itself, aims to reduce pain due to the surgery to be performed. In addition, with the administration of anesthesia, this will also make the patient more comfortable when the procedure is carried out.

The incision or cut is the next action after the anesthesia process is carried out. The incision process can be done in several areas, one example is the lower folds of the breasts and the side folds. The incision process is carried out for the later implant placement path.

Breast Implant Installation
The next process is the implant installation. The selection of implants in breast surgery procedures cannot be done carelessly. This should be consulted more deeply with the relevant doctor. The reason is, the choice of implants must be adjusted to expectations, as well as other determinants related to medicine.

The last process in the breast implant surgery procedure is to close the incision scar. This process is done by sewing. This process is very important and requires special expertise from the related doctor. The reason is, if the stitches are not done perfectly, the scar may fail to close tightly, or leave a scar that is unsightly.

Risks of Breast Implant Surgery
Because it is a surgical procedure, of course breast implant surgery has risks and side effects. In addition, the cost of breast implants is quite high. Some of the risks that may occur are as follows:

The implant broke
Wounds appear around the area of ??action
Changes in nipple sensation
Pain and a painful sensation appears
The shape of the breast becomes asymmetrical
The risks and side effects of breast implant surgery are possible. However, the percentage of occurrence was very suppressable. One way is to choose a beauty clinic, or a related plastic surgeon specialist.

By choosing the right clinic and doctor, treatment will be safer and more professional. Patients can also consult more intensely, so that they better understand how to act before and after breast implant surgery.

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