Reasons why people bite their nails

Do you have a friend that you have noticed biting their nails? You might even have the same condition wi knowing it. Do you have a friend that you have noticed biting their nails? You might even have the same condition without knowing it. There are many reasons why people bite their nails and I will share with you a few reasons that I am aware of. Some people believe that nail biting is caused by anxiety. It has been linked to periods, where a person is feeling nervousness, stress, boredom and even hunger. This bad habit starts from a very young age, it tends to stop when a person reaches 30 years old, but there have been cases where it still continues.

Nail biting might also be a sign of other bad habits forming before it does. Many people think that nail biting is the starting signs of other disorders. There are cases where it has been linked to other serious mental or emotional disorders. If the person who has started to bite their nails doesn't even know they are doing it. It might be a sign that this might be true. Since this can lead to obsessive compulsion disorder. It would be wise to treat it as soon as possible. If you do have a friend who has this bad habit, you might want to ask if they are even aware they are doing it.

Nail biting is a bad habit, which might lead to other bad ticks as well. Since nail biting only reinforces your anxiety level, other forms of bad habits might start to surface. These bad habits include nose-picking, hair-twisting or even thumb sucking. They are considered signs that the person is under stress and is feeling nervous. However, if you are able to see these actions when you are with that person, it will mean that there are serious problems that your friend is facing.

There have been cases that were recorded, where people were biting their nails during their sleep. This proves that their subconscious is trying to tell them something, but is unable to do so. Check your nails to see, if there are any signs that you have been biting them during your sleep. All of these symptoms suggest that nail biting can be something as serious as a mental disorder to nothing more than a bad habit. It is really hard to say, if we can use this to say for certain that someone is suffering from a mental disorder. One thing for sure is that this is a bad habit, so it is better to stop it if you know that you are doing it.

There are many ways that people have come up with over the years to stop this bad habit. The cures range from hypnosis to medication. There are creams that people are claiming stops nail biting. Since there have not been any reports on how successful these treatments have been, it is hard to say for certain how well they work. Hypnosis has been known to cure a number of disorders from smoking to sleepwalking. It is something you might want to try since it is painless and there are no side-effects.

By: Sharen Turney

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