Ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your meals

Fruits and vegetables are super healthy and adding them to your daily food intake can help you a lot. Fruits and vegetables are super healthy and adding them to your daily food intake can help you a lot. Not only are fruits and vegetables a great source of nutrients like vitamins and minerals, but they also lower the risk of a number of life threatening diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and even some forms of cancer. If you’re piling up on the fresh produce, it automatically decreases your intake of unhealthy foods. And truth be told, it isn’t the easiest thing to do to suddenly give up all that unhealthy (and delicious) food and replace it with healthier alternatives.
To help you out, here are a few tips that can help you incorporate more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.
Begin Small
It is just the beginning, so you can begin by taking small steps in the start:
• Use a Cold Pressed Juicer every day and make juice for yourself every morning. The best part is that you can keep experimenting with flavors to make your own juice.
• Try switching your regular breakfast with a serving of yogurt or cereal, but make sure you add some fruits to it every time.
• If you’re going to eat some chicken salad, add some fruits like pineapple, grapes, apple chunks, or even raisins to eat.
• Start adding salad to your meals. Start by eating a salad. Not only will it add the fruits and vegetables to your meal, but it will also curb your appetite
• Make smoothies as a snack
• Start adding fresh fruit to pancakes and waffles. This is like adding a healthy twist to a delicious meal.
• Simple extra additions of vegetables can also help a lot. If you’re cooking, try to add extra vegetables wherever you can.

• Double up the amount of vegetables you use when you’re making a sandwich.
As you can see, most of these steps aren’t asking you to sacrifice your meals; instead they’re helping you reduce on the unhealthy bits by adding something extra.

Make it Easy for Yourself
If you are able to reduce the amount of effort it takes into adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, it will become easier:
• In your home, start keeping a bowl of fruit in the kitchen or in the hall. Whenever you’re hungry, instead of having to make a snack or a sandwich, you can always just reach out and grab a fruit to keep munching on.
• When you use your Cold Pressed juicer, make sure you wash it right after. Sometimes you might feel like having some juice, but dirty appliances make you shy away from the effort. Plus, if you start playing around with different flavors and making up your own ‘fruit mocktails’, you can turn it into a fun activity that you actually start looking forward to, every day.
• Start keeping dried fruit with you all the time for when you’re away from home.
When adding fruits and vegetables to your diet won’t seem like much of a bother, you will be able to do much more with your ideas.

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Keep it Interesting
Adding a dimension of interest to your new venture can help you a lot:
• Give yourself a goal. Start small with goals that you know you will be able to achieve without much problem. Then keep increasing your goals.
• Keep track of how you are doing. Track how many fruits and vegetables you managed to eat in a day. Compete with yourself. Plus, it will also give you the satisfaction of being able to reach your goals if you have written proofs to compare.
Another great way to keep this venture interesting is to play with your food.
• Try roasting your vegetables for crispy and delicious food to add to your diet
• Start making low fat dressings like hummus to dip your vegetables in.
• Start season cooking vegetables with lemon or a little bit of cheese for amazing flavors
• Play around with different vegetables to find combinations that you love.

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is one of the best things that you can do. Invest in a good quality Cold Pressed juicer from a brand like KENT to help you stick to this plan. The trick is to make it fun for yourself, without having to give up on taste.
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