Why Beef Jerky is an Amazing Healthy Choice for Snacking

First originating in South America around the 1800s, the beef jerky is one of the healthiest snacks available that is still immensely popular today. High in protein and low in carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol, the meat is also packed with numerous vitamins and minerals considered essential for human body. It is also long lasting and extremely light, portable snack to carry for any unforeseen situations or just to enjoy. A dish of Native American culture, beef jerky is one of the most famous snacks around that is suddenly stealing limelight with the new no carbs craze going around. A wholesome treat that is especially fantastic for travelling and backpacking, it makes for a healthy and nutritious snack. Let’s update ourselves on some aspect of this delicious snack.

A brief history of beef jerky

The word ‘jerky’ originated from the Quechua word, ch’arki meaning ‘dried meat’. It is believed to be first originated in South America around the 1800s. Quechua was one of the native tribes of South America which were a part of the Inca Empire. Ch’arki essentially means ‘to burn(meat)’ Quechua tribe used the alpaca and llamas meat that was boned and defatted, cut sliced and pounded thin and finally rubbed with salt. It was then sundried or smoked over fire. It was the Spanish Conquistadors while invading the territory saw them doing the same with meats of buffalo, elk deer etc. and gave it the name ch’arki. However, their accent made it sound like ‘jerky’ which started spreading as a more popular name. It soon became a high protein fuel that could be resorted to easily in situations of scarce food supply. Evidence suggests that such meat was also consumed in ancient Egypt. Gradually experimentation began on its taste enhancement by adding spices, adding flavors, trying to cook it in various innovative ways etc. The rest, we know is history.

Top reasons to enjoy beef jerky snack

Contrary to popular belief, beef jerky is one of the healthiest snacks available today to binge on! Do you know that about 5 pounds of meat give you one pound of jerky? To prepare it, varied types of both wild and domestic types of meat can be used like deer, moose, beef, pork, turkey etc. Today, it has come a long way ahead of just being a craving satiate for the meat addicts or a body builder’s food. It has emerged as a no mess snack to suit numerous situations like lunch, school lunch for kids, traveling camping etc. Let us understand few top reasons as to why it should be a part of your daily dietary.

• Beef jerky is a high energy snack that can keep you fueled up through any vigorous workouts. High in proteins, it supplies the body with some vital minerals and vitamins as well. It is the food of choice for body builders and even those who wish to lose weight.

• While high on proteins, it is low on fats and cholesterol which make it a healthy choice as a snack as well as a mini-meal.

• The snack is low on carbohydrates which make it an ideal food of choice for all those who wish to lose weight.

• Beef jerky is a good source of two vital minerals, zinc and iron which are imperative to boost the body’s overall immune system. Zinc can expedite the body’s healing mechanism which iron is crucial to boost the hemoglobin levels of the body.

• Being low on carbs and protein rich, beef jerky does not raise the blood sugar levels. Contrary to expectations, the good qualities are not loaded with massive amount of preservatives which are considered unhealthy. It is one of the few meat snacks available that does not induce the production of hormones that can signal fat storage in the body.

• This is one of the most convenient wholesome snacks that you can carry. It is thin and well portable which does not occupy much space. Being protein rich, it keeps you satiated for a much longer time. Thus it can be your friendly ally anytime you need food and it is not easily available or it is not possible for you to go to a food outlet.

• The snack can last for months without decaying and thus you can easily store it in your house as an emergency supply. Moreover, it comes in a variety of flavors to suit every taste palate.

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