Why India Is The Most Preferred Destination For Hair Transplant?

Why India Is The Most Preferred Destination For Hair Transplant? Get the details!
Hair transplant is the one and only permanent solution to your hair loss problem. Be it natural looks or permanent hair growth, hair transplant would give all so it could be onetime investment for your hair loss problem. Probably this is your best shot for hair loss.

The procedure is a restorative way to deal with your baldness in which the hair follicles are taken out from one place and then successfully transplanted at the desired bald area. This surgical procedure use your own hair for the transplantation and the donor site is selected based on the residence of the permanent hair roots located at certain parts of your body like back and sides of the head, chest, axilla, pubic or the beard areas.

The availability of the hair grafts is evaluated and many other factors that assess the feasibility of the procedure. Entire process is performed under the local anesthesia and it goes pain free.

The process in every country is same for hair transplant but still the cost differs everywhere. Notifying the western world, the cost of the procedure sky riding. These procedures are cosmetic so are not enlisted among the insurance plans so one has to pay the complete amount. This is the reason for most of the people to choose the alternative solution like travelling to India for hair transplant tourism.

India is truly preferred for hair transplant as the quality served in few of the clinics is at par but at a very affordable cost. Hair transplant in India gained popularity since decades and presently the industry has become world class in terms of quality. The hair transplant cost in India has too become very affordable which is even more luring for the people to visit India for hair transplant tourism.

Medispa hair transplant clinic in India has been providing excellent hair transplant results and serving people with international level of facilities of hair transplant treatment. We have served more than 5000 hair loss sufferers with astonishing results which give you enough reasons to choose us for hair transplant tourism.

Let’s elaborate on the fact that why India has become the top destination for hair transplant tourism. Hair transplant surgery has evolved tremendously over the years in India. Advanced technology, quick recovery and highly skilled and experienced surgeons with affordable cost is what make India the best place for hair transplant tourism. Here are jotted down few favors India being the best place for hair transplant explained as follows:

1. Reputed and experienced hair transplant surgeons: Hair transplant surgeons in India are known for the competitive skills and higher efficiency. Sculpting and artistry is gifted to Indians and a plastic surgeon if gifted with such skills makes a great surgeon. Due to higher population of India and huge patient footfall from other countries visiting India for hair transplant tourism has made Indian surgeons very experienced.

2. World best hair transplant centers: In India few hair transplant clinics are very well known for their facilities which match international levels. Most of the surgeons are dedicated to provide the best treatment by innovative techniques, advanced technology and high quality armamentarium. Few of the clinics are maintaining universal hygiene protocols for their clinic to provide a safe and complication free hair transplant. Due to cost effective manpower our team tend to be huge and experienced which are expert in doing what they are assigned to pursue.

3. Affordable cost of hair transplant: Unlike western countries, the hair transplant in India is very affordable which makes it a likely destination and motivation for people to travel overseas for hair transplant tourism. The cost of hair transplant in India is around 5 – 6 times lesser than the cost in other countries which make it really reasonable.

4. No language barriers: In India English is the second official language and at most of the clinics doctors and nurses are fluent in speaking English. Therefore, it is easy going for the clients from overseas to communicate and have a healthy discussion.

5. Incredible welcoming gesture: India has always be known for the hospitality and welcoming gesture. Indians do still believe in “athithi devo bhava” and who doesn’t like to have feel like home with an incredible treatment. So it is true that you are definitely going to have an incredible experience in India.

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Dr. Suneet is India's best Hair Transplant Surgeon and the owner of Medispa Hair Transplant Clinic in India. With over 11 years experience in all areas of hair restoration & hair loss, he is also a member at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is devoting to the treatment of hair loss using his state-of-the-art techniques.

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