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Santosh hospitals is one of the best psychiatric hospitals in Ghaziabad, NCR Delhi with highly experienced psychiatrists providing top class mental health disorders treatments
Santosh hospitals is one of the Top psychiatric hospitals in Ghaziabad, NCR Delhi with highly experienced psychiatrists providing top class mental health disorders treatment. Best Psychiatric Hospital in NCR
How to deal with the rising depression in young people?
More young people are getting affected by depression and anxiety-like never before. Relationships with parents, friends, colleagues, or fellow students, to worry about their appearance and fitting in, are the areas of concern in young people. Young women are more likely to show signs of distress than young men. Rising depression in young people can be dealt in many ways:
• Limit the use of social media: Social Media can easily lead to a major dose of envy, paranoia, and low self-esteem. Social media is used the most among the people of this age group. It is at least once an hour, over many platforms. In order to deal with depression, people of this age group should not go to bed with their phones and limit the use of social media apps to certain times a day.
• Get enough sleep: We need less sleep as we get older. Around 9 hours of sleep is required by teenagers and young adults. Not getting enough sleep can exacerbate low moods. Depression can also be a cause of insomnia. Sleep is the time when you process all your emotions and memories. Get rid of the habit of going to bed late every night because you’ll find it hard to break that later.
• Increase your exercise levels: Trying to get some exercise is not only a good idea for your physical health but also at the same time your mental health. When you are young and depressed you will not want to get out of bed in the morning, which will further exacerbate depression and vice versa. Your likelihood of getting depressed will decrease if you increase your level of exercising from nothing to at least three times a week. You don't have to run a marathon rather do simple walking, using the stairs, getting on your bike which is enough.
• Try to seek professional help: Nowadays therapists and counselors are increasingly seeing younger people. Teenagers and young adults can always seek their advice as they are professionals who will help you in getting out of your problems really well. Some also offer concessions based on lower incomes and circumstances of teenagers and young adults. You will be able to see your situation from a different perspective and will get valuable tools that will help it in getting worse. This will happen when you talk to a trained mental health professional on a weekly basis, even for a short period of time.

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