What is yoga and can I do it?

Here We Discuss About What is yoga and what kind of yoga is right for everyone. Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice developed to bring the body, mind and heart into unity in order to move towards enlightenment, or oneness with God/spirit/Beloved. Originally birthed in India, now it has become an internationally practiced philosophy, with over 18 million people currently practicing in North America. There are many wonderful schools of yoga, ones that focus on service to others (Karma yoga), spiritual study (Jnana yoga), Devotional (Bhakti), physical postures and breath integration (Hatha Yoga and pranayama) and many others. The most commonly practiced form of yoga is Hatha yoga. Within the hatha yoga tradition there is still further individual schools, many you probably have heard of. Some of these are Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Bikram Yoga, and many others. What I teach is Classical Hatha Yoga, or Hatha Flow. I draw on many differnt styles of yoga in both my teaching and my practice, as mant students do in order to make thier practice fit them specifically. For example, during heavy menstruation I practice restorative poses. Some days I prefer a more dynamic practice, so I will play some music and heat up with sun salutations and a vigorous flow. Some days I prefer silence or the sound of rain falling on my roof with a gentle flow practice. I encourage you to tailor your practice to what is going on today, in this moment. Most of these practices focus on bringing the body into various poses (asanas) and integrating movement with breath, and awareness. Anyone can do yoga. The ability to "do" yoga is not based upon how long your hamstrings are or how strong your arms are. The spirit of yoga is inherently non-competitive, non-violent (compassionate/ahimsa), and non-judgmental. If you can approach your mat with these principles as your guide, then each pose becomes an exploration, rather than a goal. There are 95 yr old yogis, 5 yr old yogis, yogis in wheelchairs, in office desks, and in gardens. Start slowly and the poses will come, trust in that and see what happens!

What kind of yoga is right for me?

There is a wonderful little quote I heard a while ago, which likens searching for spiritual paths to digging for wells. If you always dig shallowly than you will never find water. With that in mind though, I do like to encourage people to taste test a few yoga classes to experiment with what feels right for them. There are so many wonderful styles of yoga, and even more wonderful teachers, so it really depends on the proper fit. Here are few things to keep in mind. For absolute beginners I do not usually recommend a vigorous ashtanga, or power yoga class. That is not to say that Ashtanga yoga does not have its merits, it does, and I do include some of the practice into my teaching. But often beginners need to take a bit more time, and learn some of the fundamental building blocks in order for them move into their practice safely. If you like attention to detail than Iyengar style yoga may be useful. What I teach I call Hatha Flow, or Gentle Hatha yoga, and this you can find in most large Yoga Centers or Studios. If you are recovering from an injury, or are ill, then perhaps a restorative class would be perfect. You see, yoga is kind of like a pair of shoes, you need to find the right size, color, and feel, and after that you fall in love with them. Without constantly digging for shallow water, but with a sense of openness and ease you will find the style, and speed of yoga that works for you.

Some Yoga Pose

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