How To Maintain Your Garage Door – A Step-By-Step Guide

A garage door opener can bring convenience, safety and security to your property for many years but only when it’s maintained perfectly. Know how to maintain your garage door! A garage door opener can bring convenience, safety and security to your property for many years but only when it is maintained properly. Luckily, maintaining your residential garage door openers in Washington DC is not a rocket science and by following some basic tips you will be well on your way of getting the luxury of a smoothly driven garage door for many years to come.

Know your garage door opener:

Your fist responsibility should be to understand what kind of garage door opener you’ve. Garage door openers have general part that need upkeep. You may have one of the following types of drive:

• The most common drives are the chain-drive system and they are also least expensive in this category. An electric-powered motors drives a metal chain that lifts & lowers the door. While dependable, these drives can be buzzing.

• Belt-drive systems employ a rubber belt rather than a chain to raise the door. These systems are known for their smoothest & quietest function.

• Then comes the screw-drive systems that features a spiked rod that rotates to lift & lower the gate. While these units run more steadily, they are capable of lifting bulky, one-piece tilt-up gates.
Let’s come to the point: how to maintain your garage door:

Step 1: Visually check all mounting cables, brackets, tracks, fasteners, tracks and support. Also look for bent, loose or creaky parts. Tighten, modify or substitute as required.

Step 2: Inspect the string connection between the opener & electrical opening to ensure it’s safe and not ruffled. If the opener include an extra battery, check and, if required substitute the battery.

Step 3: Check and if required substitute batteries in the remote control & wall control keypad.

Step 4: In regular interval, inspect and fine-tune the auto-reverse unit. This unit unlocks the gate instantly if it gets in touch with anything during the closing procedure. Ensure the 2 electronic eyes align. You may have to clean or substitute one or both eyes.

Step 5: Oil up the screw, roller and chain with a spray lithium lubricant. Lubricant should be applied to all moving units and operate the opener 2 or three times.

Step 6: Inspect the manual release grips. This feature enables you to open the gate through hand when the opener is not functioning. Check your owner’s manual for operation guidelines. It is wise to understand how your manual release functions and practice 2or 3 times before you have an issue.

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