Making Love on a beach

Its night the sun is going to set, I am lying outside my cottage

on a separated island taking a gander at the sun setting down somewhere down in the ocean the ideal sight to have. This is my third day of get-away and

with no organization I am in impeccable arousing mode for some play. The

sentiment satiny sand coming up short staring me in the face helps me to remember my

dear Sani, how I wish she was here at this moment yet damn she

couldn't join at the last minute.<br>

All of a sudden I see an enormously wonderful young lady developing out of the

water, crisply waxed wearing most diminutive naughty shoreline wear, the blue

two pieces. Minute yet decent and firm fitting so everything was

pretty much kept set up. Seeing that young lady simply had my ****

hopping. I am lying and thinking how somebody can be so consummately

near my Sani and my hand right away reaches between my thighs.

Shockingly she is strolling towards me and with sun on her

back, I can't see her face. The water trickling from her

inward thighs and on her cleavage appears like the main think I need

to drink at this time, her comparability in figure and composition to my

goddess guarantees the loudest swell I have ever had in my


I close my eyes and hear her voice, missing somebody sweetheart? I

grin contemplating my dear Sani yet when the

inquiry rehashes I open my eyes to see my superbly figured woman

is standing directly before me and is twinkling her eyes in

most wicked ways and teasing me to the center. Simply the idea

that she is here gives me a shudder and I continue lying there with my

eyes completely open to catch her eternity in my eyes and heart. The

impeccable measure of sun radiating her excellent bends at the privilege

places, that all around pulled hair in the bun sitting over Sani's

head, the delightful robust eyes and my most loved constantly parched

looking lips can turn any man on immediately. Her continually welcoming

ears and the delightful "prepared to be licked" neck and afterward the

long profound cleavage was a sight to bite the dust for. I could plainly see

her areolas hard like a stone needing to tear open the top and

land straight in my mouth. Her wonderful maritime and "The spot"

scarcely secured by 1 cm strap of the most uncovering G string I

have ever seen. My tongue is whirling to get under that 1 cm and

connect the salty ocean water blended with the heavenly pre cum

what's more, taste the paradise. My hands were aching to connect with the

very much bended butt cheeks of Sani and stroke/punish them red while

my tongue needed to whirl through her heaven.<br>

I don't know to what extent I have been watching my fantasy young lady however Sun

in the wake of respecting her excellence had sat and the "full moon" was rising

as though they were alternating to appreciate the excellence that Sani offers

alongside me, the idea made me envious however then I grinned

thinking its me and just me she is made for and is liquefying by my

looks, aching for my touch and that's it. She approached and

interceded in her typical style "Are you going to simply watch". She

sits adjacent to me and straight away holds the lump in my jeans and

goes "We should make a move.

By: Mariya rd Ria

My self

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