Protect Children from Secondhand Smoke

Smoking is harmful to your health. Secondhand smoke will also do great harm to health especially for children. Smoking is harmful to your health. Secondhand smoke will also do great harm to health especially for children. If parents smoke for a long term, children may suffer from acute and chronic rhinitis, adenoid hypertrophy, upper respiratory tract infection secondary to otitis media; it will also make the child "stupid".

According to the latest research, long-term passive smoke will make children’s IQ level drop two points. Cotinine is a substance produced during the decomposition of nicotine. Children’s reading, math and reasoning skills will reduce when the blood cotinine content increase. Exposure to secondhand smoke will lead children to sudden infant death syndrome, acute asthma, respiratory diseases, lung function growth slowing and so on. US researchers found that children will be uncomfortable if parents smoke when children eat food. Children will think that it is the food makes them sick and unwilling to eat the food any more. At the same time, secondhand smoke will also affect children’s height.

As parents, you should give up smoking to keep children healthy. If there are some friends come to your home, please let them smoke outdoor but not in the room. After someone smoke at home, mothers should clean up as soon as possible including furniture, curtain, children clothing and etc. because the residual particles will attach to cushions, curtain and clothes. Clean them timely to avoid excessive contact with children.

When you decide to take your children out, choose the no-smoking areas and avoid places where people smoke. If you are in the bus, try to open the windows to reduce the harm to children. Mothers should teach children to stay away from smokers and protect themselves.

Reduce the harm of the secondhand smoke on children; mothers can also do following aspects in addition to the above ways. Let your children eat more fresh vegetables and fruit especially which contain rich carotene and vitamin C because vitamin has antioxidant function and anti-cancer. Papaya, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins and other vegetables and fruits are good choices for you. Remember to wash the dishware first. Drink more water for more urination. Exercise more for more sweat to accelerate the exclusion of nicotine and other harmful substances.

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