5 Simple Ways to Encourage Self-Motivation in Your Child

Self-motivation comes from within but being her parent, you can always help your little one to nurture this ability. Here’s how you can do that. Is your kid less enthusiastic about playing with her friends? Does she lack interest in everything she does? Are her grades getting lower day by day? If you nodded in affirmation, then there are high chances that your little one has a lack of self-motivation.

Self-motivation is a trait that can have a huge impact on how well your kiddo keeps up with her daily life. From performing well in the curriculum to building some good habits, a self-motivated child can do wonders with her life.
Motivation comes naturally until the age of seven. Up to this age bar a kid is observing her surroundings and always learning something new. However, after the age of seven, she must be able to motivate herself. Self-motivation is a vital skill that she needs to succeed later in her life.

Self-motivation comes from within but being her parent, you can always help your little one to nurture this ability. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Stay Positive
Even if she is failing at something, always dwell on the efforts she is putting in rather than nagging about the failure. If there is a problem, try to come up with a solution. You will soon see this positive outlook and behavior being reflected in your little princess.

2. Appreciate Efforts
Rather than just saying ‘good job’ for everything, take some time to rethink how you want to appreciate all the good things that she does. For example, if she shares her toys with her friend, you can acknowledge this good behavior by saying, “Your friend must have felt immensely good when you shared your toys with her”. This will motivate your charming daughter to always behave well.

3. Tackle Failures
Tell your little bundle of joy that it is okay to lose sometimes. What is important is the attempt and what she learns from it. This trait of gracefully accepting the defeat and moving on from setbacks will prove immensely beneficial later in her life.

4. Adopt Learning Style
When a certain subject is hard to learn for your kid then you can encourage the learning through fostering her interests. Suppose if she likes baking, you can teach her the measuring concepts by measuring ingredients. This will teach her about size, volume, and density without even making it appear like a burdensome math lesson.

5. Build Self-Esteem
When one believes in himself, the mountains can be moved. Building a positive self-esteem is key to self-motivation. Help your little one to build self-esteem and believe in herself and then there won’t be even a single thing that she would think as impossible. Try to look out what she enjoys most and how she interprets the right and the wrong. Always encourage your pretty princess to go beyond the boundaries and achieve big.

Like any other parent in the world, you would also want your little one to be successful in school and later in her life as an adult. Set your little one on the path of success by inculcating self-motivation. It is a vital skill that is needed whatever we do in life!

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