The role of parents and teachers in the preschool

Childhood is one of the best phase of life. These carefree years are a blessing and the innocence of the children should be nurtured in the right direction.Many of us will surely agree with this rightly put statement that successful preschool years do shape a good life ahead. This is because schooling begins at home. Parents are the first teacher of their kids. The ambience of the house matters the most in the formative years. School pays an important role too and the impactful role of teachers definitely cannot be overlooked. Kids are always protected under the layer of their parents shadow. But one fine day they do have to step into the outside world. Successful Preschool years shapes a good future
This outside world is the school to them. Their preschool. It may not be their best day as it may be associated with tiny drop of pearls falling off the twinkling eyes. But the lovely hands of the teachers wipe these tears and turns the crying faces to happy ones within no time. A teacher become a parent to the child in the preschool. The successful preschool years of the kids can be achieved when parents and teachers work in co ordination to make it happen. Eventually the outside world becomes the whole world to the kids. Preschool years are cherished moments of life which become faded in our memories as we grow. But the impact of those days stays with us forever.

Parents want to give the best to their children. Good education and a secured future is the freak of every parent for their child. Endless sleepless nights and days of toil goes into the making of a desirable future for the child. But one cannot overlook the formative years and the nectar like sweetness attached to it.

3-5 are considered to be the preschool years because after this, the formal education years begin which are more serious and discipline oriented. Preschool also these days are looking for holistic approach of education. This covers the all round development of the child focusing on their skills and talents. Though preschool years are pretty early for the kid to decide on their talents, yet the interests are always revealed.

An overview on the role of teachers and parents to make successful preschool years.

Parents and teacher go hand in hand as far as the preschool in years are concerned. Each acts as guiding star and shows the right path to move for the kid. When the parents step into the preschool for their child's admission, they study the facilities and the security standards of the school. The school authorities also try to read the mind of the parents and their expectations attached with the school. It is a reciprocal activity for both sides and sometimes takes the turn of role reversal too. When the parent act as teachers and the teacher act as parent. So to much like a barter system too. Well, anything is accepted for the well being of the child.

Few pointers will make the point clearer:
• Preschool is a place where the kids look for a comfort zone which is provided by the teacher. Several schools are advocating the toddler mother programs wherein the mommies have to be present with the child during these interactive sessions. These sessions are introductory ones fully of fun and laughter which eventually provides solace to the child. This helps in the achievement of comfort level gradually and thus the aim is fulfilled. This obviously creates a close connection between the parent and the teacher and both are able to understand each other's prospectives. A mere trial session which has gathered momentum and schools are following it as a part of their curriculum now.
• Once the comfort level is achieved, the parent and the teacher go a step forward and introduce the school surrounding to the child. As it will be their home away from home, they have to be acquainted with all the areas and feel at ho,e too. The teacher plays a major role in this regard in conjunction with the school authorities.
• The teacher starts with the curriculum designed for the tiny tots. They do lot of singing and story weaving projects so that the sense of expression in the child is achieved. In the preschool system, expression of thoughts play a vital role. This is one place destination where the child can be accepted with their thoughts and expressions. The polishing of their ideas can be taken as a secondary level of education when the teachers enforce disciplinary values. Every child is unique and accept him or her as they are. This would be the best step forward offered by the school.
• The parent can also do a recap of the teachings in school in their own way. The way and methods of teachings may differ everywhere. These days several teaching aids are available and Internet and multimedia has provided a strong base in this context.
• Preschool education becomes effective with excursions trips. The children are taken to places with their teachers. The option of parents accompanying the child have recently started which has proved to be a great hit among parents. This way a two way communication between parents and teachers is established which goes a long way for the kid. The excursions are both fun trips and educative too. The fun element should however be never missing. As is rightly said, “the best solution is the make the complex thing simple and the rest will follow”.
• The parents are often over reactive about certain issues pertaining to their child which is very natural. But sometimes rational thinking should prevail which would be a great help for them to understand things better and let the things take its own course.
• Advocate the idea of being independent among the kids by making the learn by doing. A simple thing like putting away their toys after playing can help them with their first lesson of being independent. The same practiced can be carried forward at home by parents. This provides a sound base to the formative years.
• A routine is followed is preschool and kids adjust very quickly. The same pattern if followed at home can provide an excellent shape to the kids character.
• Praise the kids several times. This will prove to be a boon and the child will feel wanted and best among others. This feeling is a very positive feeling and most of it should be done. Tell them that they are excellent about something.
• Help the kids recognize their talents. This phenomenon is not planned at this age and happens by the way. The kids starts showing their interests in certain way about certain things. The job of the parent and the teacher is to understand their language and encourage them .words of encouragement hoes a long way.
• Preschools have functions which are organized at regular intervals. This gives an opportunity of stage exposure to the child. The child performs in front of people on the state and this helps to get rid of shyness to some extent. The stage and mic scare is eradicated and the child feels comfortable performing amongst public.
• Preschool authorities are very sensitive towards the economic weaker section of the societies. They develop sessions which are are aimed for the under privileged kids. These kids also get the opportunity to come to school and get a feel of discipline. The curriculum run and designed by the government also provides free education for these kids so that their growth is achieved simultaneously. Free books and uniforms are also distributed to these kids as a part of the privileges offered to them.
• Preschool authorities are employing teachers who can also attend kids with special needs. They require empathy and not sympathy. These teachers are special educators and hence can take care of the special needs of such kids. The parents of such kids feel secured to leave their kids under the guidance of teachers who are well trained in this direction.
• On the other hand parents are always looking for better avenues for their kids in the preschool. Their valuable feedback matters a lot in the proper development of the children. In fact some schools even have the facility of parents conducting workshops of crafts and kids technology. This gives the parents a chance to interact with the school authorities and parents of other kids too. It is an excellent platform given to the parents to step into the teachers shoes and feel their point of view as well. We forget at times that the teacher has to take care of several kids at the same time.
• The parent teacher association can also be enhanced by the periodic report of the kids which are submitted to the parents for their reference. This is a successful step which has always existed for the development of the children. This has been prevalent since a long time and is one of the best ways of achieving the successful toddler year education.

These are handy tips which in some way or the other can ensure the successful preschool years of kids. A parent teacher co ordination brings positive results in the upbringing of a child. The correct inculcation of habits and values can be done right from the formative years to achieve a well balanced growth of kids who become the shining stars of tomorrow.

The early development learning is an integral part of the education system. Just
like drops of water make an ocean, similarly tiny efforts shape a good conduct. Discipline awards are given to students in the formal schools. But the foundation stone is laid in the preschool. Home atmosphere also makes immense difference in this regard. The teachings of parents and teachers co exist in every phase of early development program. The status of both in inter dependent. One can function smoothly with the cooperation of the other. Parents who believe that the school is responsible for everything, need to have a reality check themselves. There are some major responsibilities of the parents too which they might tend to ignore or neglect at times. Blame game is not the solution. Solution can be achieved by ways to sort the problem. Complexities become simple if we start working towards the meaningful direction.

The early learning program is designed differently by different preschools but the aim of every institution is somewhat similar. These days the concept of providing day care facilities are being advocated by the preschools which have proved to be a boon for working parents, they opt for schools with similar facilities as they feel that the kids are better looked after by such institutions. The following facilities provided by day care preschools allow the co ordination between the parents and the teachers in a further stronger way,
1. They provide the refreshments to the kids which instill good eating habits in the child. The table manners enforced in school stays with the kids and they can further carry the same habits in their home dining tables too. Table manners are an intergalactic part of hygiene and the child gets introduced to such manners which are an enriching part of formative years. They get exposed to several food items which may not be of their liking. But still they try and hence develop a taste of food. The healthy food eating is also administered among kids. Milk drinking habit which is a pain at home can be fun in the preschool when teachers allow little incentives attached with it.
2. The day care facilities of the preschool extend up to late afternoons or early evenings and hence the provision of a nap is also given to the child. This gives the children an advantage of seeking rest with their friends and spending some quality time with their peers. Kids look forward to this time and this helps in developing a liking in their hearts for the preschool. Thus preschool becomes a second home for them in actual term.
3. The element of sharing with friends is introduced to them. Though it may be slightly difficult for the kids to share with their friends in the beginning, yet the habit eventually cultivates. This habit stays with them till late in life and is great lesson which always proves to be very useful in every phase of life.
4. In the day care, the kids grow very close to the teacher and a beautiful teacher pupil bond is created. The beauty of every relationship is different. This bond helps in attaining much success in the years spend in the preschool. Parent teacher association also strengthens in this way which is very beneficial for the proper growth of the child

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The beauty of the relationship shared between parents and teachers brings the best in the children. Both put their best foot forward to give the children the best values. The role of parents and teachers in the preschool years is interdependent and both are equally important. It would be unfair to rate any one on top. Both share the topmost position in the upbringing of the child. The innocence of the children is nurtured by both the parents and the teachers.
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