How to Choose a Dog Boarding Facility in Edmonton

Having a pet of your own is as good as having a child. Your beloved dogs require and demand as much tender, love and care as a child would.
Having a pet of your own is as good as having a child. Your beloved dogs require and demand as much tender, love and care as a child would. However, it is not always possible for you to take them along with your everywhere you go. Whether you need to leave the city for vacation or business finding the right boarding facility can give you the much-needed peace of mind.

Finding the Right Kennel for your Dog
The best way to find the right dog boarding facility for your pet is to get it from reliable references. Ask a friend, neighbour, your veterinarian, dog trainer or a local animal shelter. The internet is also a good source to look for kennels and dog boarding facilities in Edmonton. Once you have a list of names, consider doing a little background check of your own.

Also make sure that the facility meets all the requirements by the Province of Alberta. Make sure that the kennel you are considering is displaying the certificate or license showcasing that all mandated standards are met by the kennel.

Finally, you also want to make sure that the kennel you are shortlisting is able to accommodate your pet on the dates you are gone.

The ideal way to make an assessment whether the boarding facility is ideal for your dog is to pay a personal visit. Here are a few things you should be looking for at the kennel –

• Does the facility look hygienic and clean? You can assess it by how it looks overall and whether it smells good.

• Does the boarding facility come with enough ventilation and light?

• Does the place maintain a comfortable temperature?

• How knowledgeable and caring is the staffs?

• Also check whether they require the pets to be current on their vaccination schedule. This must include the vaccine for canine kennel cough (Bordetella).

• Check the size of the indoor-outdoor run and their exercise schedule. Make sure it meets the requirements of your pet.

• Do the runs and exercise areas have sufficient protection from the rain, snow and wind?

• Make sure that the resting boards and bedding offered allow your dog to rest off the concrete floor.

• If the boarding facility also houses cats, make sure that they are housed away from the dogs.

• Make sure the feeding schedule of the kennel matches that of your dog.

• Check if the facility allows you to bring special food for your pet.

• Does the facility offer veterinary services?

• Do they offer grooming, bathing and training services?

Once you have shortlisted the kennel and booked the boarding facilities, it is time to start preparing your pet for being boarded. Make sure your dog is familiar with the basic commands and is able to socialize around other pets and people. Try to board your pet for the first time on a short trip. This will allow you to work out any possible issues before you leave him for longer durations.

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