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Here at Shiba Inu Domus Annia we define an ethical house because the idea of breeding fails. Our Shiba Inu lives with us, in the same spaces, sharing with us the moments of daily life. <p>If you are looking to adopt a cute dog, then the <a href=""><b>Shiba Inu</b></a> pup is the most delightful breed both to raise and train at home. From the moment they take birth till all the stages of their growing up, they are very curious about the surroundings around them. They immediately begin to explore and discover their world. The puppy of this breed of dogs has 3-5 puppies per litter. </p>

<p>They are very small in size; it is more like oversized hamster when first born. Some Shiba Inu puppies are so small that they will be fit within the palm of your hand. It is the smallest of the six breeds of domesticated dog that are originated from Japan. These dogs are identified from their curly, tight tail, fox faced and it is an extremely captivating breed. Shiba Inu dogs are the most agile and high energy breeds of their kind. This breed is actually used to train as mountain bred and dogs for hunting, the dog of this breed was born on running fast speeds in search for the hunt. </p>

<p>An amazing thing about these dogs that female Shiba Inu can go into heat in every three to four hours and this is quite unusual among all the dog breeds. It is their size that must be considered when it comes on caring for them; more amount of care is required especially when Shiba Inu dogs are born as the size of puppy is very tiny in nature. If you are obsessed with babies then nurturing a Shiba Inu won’t be lesser than having a baby. </p>

<p>It is imperative that a Shiba Inu puppy is having at least a minimum of two multivalent vaccinations and it is must that these vaccinations cover parvo and distemper disease along with rabies vaccines like other dogs. The puppies must start receiving vaccinations after six weeks of their birth and after that the beginning of vaccinations should be every three to four weeks. Those who want to nurture Shiba dogs but don’t have enough knowledge regarding nurturing them, do consider the assistance available at You will find proper motivation, assistance and information regarding rearing your pup to a complete mature dog. </p>

<p>The dogs of this breed are quick and vulnerable and need to be cared delicately; this is why plays a vital role in nurturing them. The source tells everything from suitable eating and diet to when they feel aggressive and irritated. The website has whole knowledge about everything relatable to a Shiba Inu and can serve you with all factual information about your dog. </p>


<p> provides all necessary information regarding rearing and nurturing <b><a href="">Shiba</a> </b>for free. </p>

<p>For further information, visit <a href=""><b></b></a>. </p>

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