The Best Options for Dog Kennels at Your Service

If you’re planning a business trip or a family vacation, you might have to board your dog when you’re away if you can’t take them with you.
If you’re planning a business trip or a family vacation, you might have to board your dog when you’re away if you can’t take them with you. While this can be extremely stressful for both, you and your dog, finding the right dog kennels will ensure that he is looked after and cared for in your absence.

There are many options for dog boarding that ensure your dog’s happiness and comfort while you’re away.

Knowing your Dog’s Needs

Before you decide on the best option for boarding, you must consider your dog’s behavior and needs. Ask the following questions to yourself:

• Is he an indoor or an outdoor dog?
• Does he have any medical conditions that need to be addressed with prescription foods or meds?
• Does he move around your home alone or has he always been left in a kennel in your absence?
• Is he someone who gets along with other pets or people?
• Is there is a possibility that your stay will increase unexpectedly?
• Does he have any bad or unusual habits that your dog sitter or boarding staff should be made aware of?

Kenneling Dogs

Choosing a professional and reliable dog boarding kennel will ensure that your dog is always safe, happy and healthy. There is evidence that kenneling dogs is more of a positive experience and helpful in many ways. Most dogs prefer to have their own personal space similar to a den. Kenneling also has strong benefits for health and safety reasons.

You can ask your vet for recommendations on the best kennel in your area or speak to your friends and family about their experiences. Before you drop off your dog, it is vital to visit the facility and check their services.

Dog Sitting

If your dog is not the right fit for a kennel, you can also consider asking your friends or family for a favor and requesting them to dog sit at your residence. Being in his natural environment, your dog might be more comfortable and stress-free.

Just make sure to make a list of all the instructions and food requirements so that the caretaker can take good care of your loved pet.

If no one can come and visit your home during your absence, you can also leave your pet in a friend’s house until your return. However, not all dogs may be comfortable away from home in your absence and this could make it awkward for your caretaker to manage your pet.

For pet parents who are traveling for a longer duration, choosing a trusted kennel is a better option in terms of comfort, care, and attention.

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