Why People Say We Are The Best Dog Boarding At Edmonton

Edmonton residents deem us the most wonderful Dog Boarding Edmonton facility offering state of the art arrangements that benefit the dogs with a highly convenient place to stay

Edmonton residents deem us the most wonderful Dog Boarding Edmonton facility offering state of the art arrangements that benefit the dogs with a highly convenient place to stay and the pet owners with the most economical, enjoyable and safe place for their furry friends. We accept all breeds of dogs inside our facility. We do not think twice before providing entry to any of our guest dogs. We are experts with a long experience in dealing with dogs and therefore we know what is best for the four legged canine friends. Our facility is well equipped with all the amenities, clean atmosphere and the comforts that will thrill dogs when you away. Hence, you can be always assured that your pets are at the safest place to be cared, nurtured and fed.

What we provide
You will find our dog boarding facility very clean, hygienic and fun filled one that will meet the needs of dog care in every regard. The kennels we have for the dogs are highly spacious and are of different sizes to meet the diverse kinds of requirements. This is to suit the needs of different dog breeds brought to us. All our staff and professionals here are trained and experienced to provide the best care for your dogs. We have about 12000 square feet indoor and 6000 square feet outdoor facility.

Special arrangements
We can also administer the medicines to your dogs if needed. Since we have individual indoor runs, pets from the same home can stay together if required. Your dogs will also get access to some quality outdoor playtime. Throughout the day, the dogs can access the outdoor pens many times. The outdoor flooring is heated adequately during winter time for keeping their feet warm. The facility is thoroughly cleaned and maintained securely with solid walls. Your dog get the much required comfort as well as privacy.

The rare arrangement you will find with us
We are located at just about 5 Km from the Edmonton airport. If you are on your way to the airport after leaving your dog, you can also enjoy a hassle free parking by leaving your vehicle at our facility. You can either take a taxi to the airport or travel by other means while your vehicle is safe here with us during the period of your journey. This helps you avoid the expensive and tensing airport parking hassles. The only requirement is that you will have to take the vehicle upon return only during the business hours when we are open.

A home away from home
We very well know that dogs are highly used to the foods they regularly eat at homes. In order that your pet does not face any digestion issues due to change in diet, you can also get your preferred dog food and handover to us to be administered to your pets. However, we can also provide a highly nutritious food to your dogs that are highly delicious too. Therefore you will find our facility one of the rarest kinds of accommodation that combines in it everything you deem great for your pets.

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