Things men like in women more than good looks

Ever wondered why guys fall for so many girls? Because it is so difficult to find that one perfect woman who possess all the qualities guys ever dream of. “A little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of Sandra by my side…” Have you ever thought why do guys like different types of girls? Is it so difficult for them stick to one? Is your stupidity yet another cause for your current breakup? It’s high time you understand that just looking good won’t give you a successful relationship. There are a lot of other things that matter. If good looks were the reason behind a successful relationship, unattractive people would never be happy. So what is it that guys look out for in their dream girl? Read on to know!
A good listener: Why is it very important to be a good listener? No guy ever wants a walky-talky instead of a girlfriend. This is one of the most irritating habits of girls that guys find difficult to put up with. They don’t give them a chance to speak. A relationship is of two equals and both partners have a right to voice their opinion. Many a times, a girl, into order to control her partner never listens to what he has to say and makes him do as she pleases. Here is where you go wrong. Every guy wishes to have someone who would hear them out. Someone who would listen to them without judging. If you adopt this habit, it will avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings. It will give you a clear view of what your partner wants and how you two can mutually achieve a great working relationship. Always remember you have to be a friend first to reach the position of being his beloved girlfriend. So don’t just hear, LISTEN!
A care taker:You two are great in bed, great at parties, great at dates. You two might be the best dancing couple on the floor. But is that all you need to become a good lover? No! You need to lend that caressing hand in times of need. Love isn’t something that shines only in good times; the real test is when the sky is dark and yet you manage to light up a candle to give the other some light. Words of care or a tight hug, just to let your man know that you love him for what he is and not what he does. Every guy wishes for a support system; someone whom he can count on at all times. Someone who cares and with whom he can share the pain and pleasures of life.
A new page each day:Never be an open book. Your guy might get bugged of you before you even know it. Always keep yourself like a mystery. There should be something about you always that he is eager to explore. Don’t tell him every little thing about you. Don’t serve yourself in a plate even before he’s hungry. Let him get to know you, explore you, gradually and slowly. That’s the way you keep the spark alive and never let it die.
Surprises:Never let your relationship get mundane. The moment your guy realizes that the chase is over the excitement is over ;all he is left with is a routine or a body spray that contains just gas and no matter; he will be on his way back home or in search of his next mission. Surprise him whenever you can; make him a meal, try things you never tried before, gift him his favorite deo spray, take him out on a surprise date, de-stress him, write him a love note. Trust us, surprises work wonders!Try them and you will see that “once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love will give you a fairy tale!”
A little change for the better is all it takes to be the woman of his dreams! Go ahead bring about that change!

By: Arnab Roy Choudhury

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