a Hypothetical(Alien) Triple Helix DNA

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On the Earth (and in the Internet) there is
<a href="http://andromeda.today/Triple%20Helix.html//">a Triple Helix DNA</a which consists
from a normal Double(2) Helix DNA with additional one(1) Helix: (2+1=3).
By this Triple Helix the Bases of the additional Helix are connected with two(2) Hydrogen Bonds
with only one of the two Bases of the Double Helix
with only one(1) Hydrogen Bond for each of the two Bases of the Double Helix…

By my Hypothetical Triple Helix DNA each Base is connected – like by the Double Helix – with 3 Hydrogen Bonds, with each of the both other two Bases of the Triple Helix!!!...

So it is more like a Alien Triple Helix DNA !!!

Also the three Bases of my Hypothetical Triple Helix DNA are Double-Bases because each Base has two(2) sides to make Hydrogen Bonds!!! And the three Double-Bases are equal with each other…

On the core of the Double Helix DNA, two Bases make Hydrogen Bonds with each other…
On the core of the Triple Helix DNA, three Bases make Hydrogen Bonds with each other…

By the three Bases of my Hypothetical Triple Helix DNA if you know the ONE Base and its orientation,
you also know which are the other TWO Bases because there is only ONE way to join them together!!!

So, my Hypothetical Triple Helix DNA can store information like the Double Helix DNA !!!

So, if from the three Helices (of the Triple Helix DNA)
you know only the Bases on the one Helix,
you can conclude, which the Bases are, on the other two Helices!!!...
( So when the Triple Helix of DNA is replicating itself…
it creates – instead of two copies – three copies!!!...1?3)

The «orientation» of each Double-Base may be located on the secondary characteristics of the DNA molecule, where the Bases are combined
with the sugar and the phosphate constituting the skeleton (backbone)
of the DNA molecule…

My Hypothetical Triple Helix DNA = 3/3 Bases
or m-RNA = 1/3 Bases and t-RNA = 2/3 Bases
or m-RNA = 2/3 Bases and t-RNA = 1/3 Bases


[1] Every «Triple-Base» of the «hypothetical Triple Helix DNA»
occupies a LARGER Space
compared with the «Double-Base» of the «Double Helix DNA»…

[2] And the «hypothetical Triple Helix DNA»
requires more (atoms)
compared to the more «economical Double Helix DNA»…

[3] The three(3) «DOUBLE-Bases» of the «hypothetical Triple Helix DNA»
and their relationship (2:1) “two to one” does NOT Help
on the transcription and the translation of the DNA into Proteins!!!...

But nature has the property of being “simple”
and not “waste” materials
and so I believe that the «hypothetical Triple Helix DNA»
disadvantage in Evolutionary preferences!!!...

So, unless Nature in some planet has special reasons to construct a Triple Helix DNA, from the relative “failure” in the operation above, we can conclude that in most – of the Universe – Planets, the Information storage molecule for the construction of Proteins will be - as on our Earth - a simple DNA Double Helix !!!

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By: Dipanshu Kumar gaur

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