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Teaching your children how to be compassionate and to cope with family members and friends who may have experienced trauma or tragedy while serving our country. Angela Rehak, MS. Ed is an Instructor at the United States Military Academy and teaches in the Center for Enhanced Performance and has taught for the Department of Behavioral Science and Leadership. She holds an advanced degree in Psychology (CSUSM) and Educational Leadership (Troy State), as well as a New Jersey, Principal certification K-12. At the academy Angela has created innovative classes in instruction in General Psychology applicable to military families by using scientific theories and principles taught at West Point.

Currently she is using those theories to develop future leaders for admission to the prestigious West Point.

She works collaboratively with other United States Military Academy departments and the Department of the Army, US Army Community and Family Support Center, US Army General Library, DODEA, and Family Readiness Groups and Support Services in all branches of the military to address the specific challenges children experience when a parent deploys or transitions in support of the GWOT.

Prior to her position at the military academy, Angela served as a Faculty member and an Academic Advisor at Ocean County College. Ms. Rehak bridged the gap between the civilian community and the military by incorporating her experiences as a dependent and an educator into classes in general psychology and education to include classes that dealt the “exceptional child” as well as those with “special needs.” She has also taught at the Department of Defense Schools in Okinawa, Japan working closely with locals and Japanese nationals, served as the Director of Private Industry Council, and the Tech Prep Consortium in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Angela has written two children’s books, ‘Uncle Sam’s Kids in When Duty Calls’ and ‘Uncle Sam’s Kids in Moving Again Mom’ which have been featured in military publications as well as national and local networks to include a recommendation by Former First Lady Laura Bush, on Meet The Press. At the Senior Leaders Forum in Bad Kissingen, Germany Ms. Rehak presented “Resilience in Children and How to Build it into Units.”At the APA DIV 21, Division 19 and HFEA Angela was a Chairman at the Annual Symposium on Applied Experimental Research for the panel ” Distributed Cognition Teams, Technology, Family and the Individual: Soldier Deployment Issues: Diverse Perspectives.” Ms. Rehak has also presented” Teaching Emotional Resilience” at the 31st Annual National Institute on Teaching, and the Psychological Stages of Deployment at the Pryluck Distinguished Lecture series Recently ‘Uncle Sam’s Kids Moving Again Mom’ has been featured on the First Lady of the Marine Corp’s Recommended Reading List.

By: Angela Rehak

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