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Get your book printed and on store shelves with the help of Publishing Productions. Visit today to learn more. Have you ever written a manuscript and wondered whether or not it had the chops to be something truly special? Maybe you are an avid writer who is just looking to become the next Stephen King or Danielle Steele, but just can't get an agent to read your book. Regardless of what your current situation is, if you are looking to get your book published, stop wasting your time on endless submissions and self publish with Publishing Productions.

Publishing Productions is a leading <a href=''>self publishing Melbourne</a> company. They offer you all of the services you need to get your book into print and onto store shelves. Not only do they provide quality <a href=''>book printing Melbourne</a> services, they also offer you the ability to have your book professionally edited, marketed and more. So, how does it work?

Publishing Productions isn't a literary agent trying to shop your book to big publishing houses. Publishing Productions is a book publisher. This company makes it possible for everyday people, just like you, to be able to pay for your book to be printed and sold. How is this different than traditional book publishing? Because traditional book publishers pay for all of a book's production up front, including payment to the author, they are taking on a lot of risk in hopes that the book will be popular enough with readers that they make their money back plus a small profit. Because they take on all of the financial risks, the royalties they pay their authors, with the exception of just a very few, is minimal. So small, in fact, that most authors are unable to commit themselves to writing full time and have to work other jobs just to make ends meet. But, with Publishing Productions, the author pays for production costs up front. This allows Publishing Productions to take on a lesser risk and accept more manuscripts for printing and marketing. This also means that the author is entitled to a larger share of the gross book sales, giving them the ability to focus more on their writing and less on having to balance working several jobs trying to pay the bills.

But, aren't the costs of printing and marketing a book high? The answer is yes and no. Publishing Productions is able to keep costs low because they use state of the art, on demand printing technology that keeps their own costs low. Books are printed only when needed, reducing waste and keeping costs down. If the book doesn't sell, neither the author nor Publishing Productions has a lot of books sitting around that have to be recouped. It's a win-win for everyone.

If you are ready to see your book project in print, don't spend countless months hearing no. Visit Publishing Productions and hear yes. For more information about the services provided by Publishing Productions, please visit


By: Grace jill Jones

When it comes to self publishing Melbourne and book printing Melbourne, there is no better option than Publishing Productions. Visit today to learn more.

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