Why Myscorz? - How convenient and useful can it be?

What’s Myscorz?
Myscorz (www.myscorz.com) is a new online platform, a fresh, trendy, crowd sourcing scoring website- a structured directory where people can score (rate) and compare any persons, businesses, products and anything that comes across their minds! Why Myscorz? - How convenient and useful can it be?
As of now, I’m pretty sure we all understand what myscorz is and what’s intended for. Nonetheless, I will remind you of everything and then dwell more on why we all need it- why we all need to embrace the convenience it brings to our lives and how useful it is to us all - individuals, companies, manufacturers, employers, schools, colleges, everyone and everything!!
Myscorz is a fresh and trendy online platform, a crowd sourcing scoring website - where people can rate, score and compare anything and everything – any person, any business, any product - anything you can fathom!
In my first post, I mentioned briefly the need for companies to embrace myscorz to understand their market, rate their products and much much more. Now, I wish to split everything and prove how useful, convenient and effective myscorz is.
Let’s begin.
Service Companies
By service companies, I mean all set ups whose main product or field of operation is in the services industry - hospitals, banks, schools/colleges/universities, TV and radio stations, communication companies - the ones who make it possible for you and me to make phone calls, browse the internet, send text messages etc. and all others in the same suit.
Do we have a place to rate the services they offer us? Imagine it. Today you go to your bank, line up to make transactions, get your money, pay school fees, renew your card etc... Or your out of cash, and then rush to a nearby ATM only to find the system is down. You can’t have your money. Your friend who uses another bank has finished their errands and is busy getting on with the rest of their day. Where do you genuinely express your dissatisfaction? Or complement the other bank your friend uses? ‘I wish I could……’ that’s all we will hear from you.
With myscorz around, all you need to do is simply log in score the bank, the hospital, the college - all of them, so that you’re friends and others globally can have a justifiable, accurate and honest perception. If others follow suit, these companies who have been reasonably criticized will gear up the services and the others who have been praised will improve even more.
The other day I was in a concert, and all the local musicians and a few international ones were present- ready to take to the stage and do their thing. It was fun until one person spoilt everything with his performance and behavior. He was drunk from head to toe, falling off the stage every now and again. After the concert, my friends and I took to Facebook and Twitter to complain and express our dissatisfaction and anger while at the same time compliment the better performers. If only we knew that myscor.com existed, huh? We love our celebrities to perform what they do or what they are known for perfectly - and the only way to ensure they constantly do so is to rate them genuinely and rationally. And the “only” place to do that is at myscorz.com. Sign up today and let’s put them to task!
Individuals, employers, products and product manufacturers
Do you have a friend who keeps on spoiling your day whenever you are with friends? Or rather a friend who always brings joy, humor and happiness whenever your together? Or a friend who has great talents, skills etc? All these people in a way influence our lives and if we had a place to score them and rate them transparently, we would help the bad ones change and the good ones be even much better, Myscorz.com does it all for us.
Our employers often have certain characteristics that could be good or bad. With myscorz, we help rectify their bad behaviors by scoring them for the world to see how they rate, compare and at the end, make them better people, better companies. For the excellent ones, it just gets much better with myscorz.
The products we use every day in our activities – mobile phones, iPads, tablets, fridges, cars, books - all of them are better off rated and scored so that those who aim to have them can make rational, informed and sensible judgments and decisions before choosing which to buy. This can only be enjoyable with myscorz. It’s here that we can help promote the good ones and wipe out the rest so we don’t waste our hard earned money on them. And for the product manufactures, we can force them to make better items by criticizing and making known the performance of their products. In the end, we have a world where everything is transparent and quantified!!
Join Myscorz today, its free and lets you rate, score and compare everything and anything - even score my work and your reading habits….

By: Dorothy Gwademba


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