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With the IPL fever on, the cricket lovers stick their eyes on the television set. The demand for television has also increased with the IPL season. It is a great season for the TV manufacturers. Every year the sale TV sets reaches its height in the month of April – May. It has become a good season for manufacturers, dealers and retailers as well past seven years. Not only that the cricket fans witness the matches but also some of them rushes to the cricket ground to play cricket though the weather conditions are adverse in April – May in India. It is mostly hot during these months. The demand for willows, jerseys, and shoe gears goes and other cricket accessories go up during the IPL season.
Thus, it becomes a good business season for many manufacturers, dealers, vendors, retailers, etc. The willow maker makes maximum willows to meet the demand of the cricket lovers who not only loves to see their favorite player in action rather they themselves play in the hot sun and enjoys being at the cricket ground. Likewise the jersey manufacturer increase the production of jerseys specially the kind of jerseys worn by various IPL team. The cricket fans likes to wear a jersey of the team they support and going to the cricket ground. In a way they represent the IPL teams.
Giant sports producers like Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Fila makes sure that the kinds of IPL jerseys are available during the IPL season and so they take strong measures to increase their production. Even the local vendors make similar jerseys and sell them at a lower price; the fans who cannot afford to purchase the high end products can at least afford to buy such local apparel. However, the motive behind everything is to enjoy the greatest cricket season and support the teams and the players.
Deals and offers are mostly seen in the festive seasons in India. It is also a good season for end users as it is the cricket festive season in India. Buyers get the best buy deals in this season, as manufactures and dealers offer many great deals during this season, especially the TV deals. Most buyers wanting to buy a TV set or a camera or any relevant items related to cricket waits eagerly for this time to avail themselves with great deals. The demand for camera also goes high in this season because the spectators who visits the stadiums or cricket grounds desires to have a glimpse of their favorite player and capture the moment in their camera rolls.
Keeping in mind the Facebook hype and any other social media, these spectators captures their lively moment in their cameras and posts them in various social networking sites. Thus, there’s a great space for camera deals in this season. The end users or buyers mostly go for the online deals, as it is the fastest mode to know about the best buy deals available. Despite the fact that marketers promote their offers both online and in print, the online deals works out more for them.
Thus, the IPL season in India is a boon for the business units related to cricket and also the end users who can avail various deals say it TV deals or camera deals.

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