About the Exclusive Chrome UK Device Management Service:

A web-based console allows every user to be controlled and deployed, as well as that management to be seamlessly made from different platforms and apps.
A web-based console allows every user to be controlled and deployed, as well as that management to be seamlessly made from different platforms and apps.

This is the perk that gives you the ability to manage dozens or even thousands of gadgets at a time.

By using this feature you’re going to be administrating the whole gadget fleet, as well as the permissions of each user, enjoying a full 24/7 support service that will cater to your every need – as experts are available all day every day.

Those who really need to manage their laptops or other chrome devices really need to push policies and comply with standards – and Tech Data UK will help you achieve just that.

An Overview on the Perks:

For those that are thinking about the perks they will be given, add to the list that you can make sure your assets are tracked, that you can blacklist or whitelist different app extensions, resources and even URLs, and that you can ensure each user has their own device to operate from.

You’ll even be getting battery reports and management overview panels to help you stay on top of everything.

Access and proxy management is easily configured, and you’ll be safe by enjoying simple web filters and the device’s potent firewalls.

Bookmarks and Syncing of the apps can also be modified and on top of all this you can even brand your fleet of devices.

There are a lot of Chrome gadgets by now, and the truth is they are achieving a great level of popularity, becoming adopted in an increasing way.
That’s what motivates us to write this article, in which we will attempt to judge this success and ask just why this popularity surge when there are so many competitors on the market.
Read below if you want to know why this growth is a fact in today’s competitive market.

The Affordability of Chrome
Chrome devices are pretty affordable, reaching prices that the competitors can’t hit – which undoubtedly gives it an edge on getting market share.
This is true thanks to the high-end performance with medium-range parts, as the resources used to run the Chrome OS are light, freeing up performance for more important things.

Being a Versatile Chrome User:
Versatility and compatibility are two variables that are very important nowadays, and the competitors to Chrome really guard their gadgets by making them only compatible with software and hardware from their own brands.
Chrome is compatible with nearly everything, which motivates the technology’s adoption.

Google Always Knows What It Is Doing:
A Marketing beast by Google isn’t promoting bad pieces of technology, that’s for sure, and the whole product range on Google’s portfolio is destined to success.
This is something that happens over and over again, and something we aren’t surprised to witness.
A huge player on computing, the gadget market is starting to adopt Google’s brands too, and this is only the beginning – don’t doubt that this will continue.

These are some of the many reasons that make Chrome such a growing phenomenon, make sure to comment other variables you may remember and participate in this discussion.

By: Simon Jenkin

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