Unique Ways To Get Twitter Followers

Writing a book/ebook does 2 things: first, it’s an advertising platform. Second, it’s a way to show you’re an expert. People love to follow celebrities and experts on Twitter. They’re the type of accounts that literally get a large following. Since it’s a lot harder to become a celebrity, become an expert instead. It’s a lot harder to get Twitter followers than it is to get Facebook friends. On Facebook, you can send strangers friend requests and most of the time they will accept your request. If you follow someone on Twitter there is no guarantee they’ll follow you back. No one knows why but that is how the social media cookie crumbles. You just have to accept it.

This leaves us in a pickle because you can’t ignore Twitter and just stick with Facebook. Especially considering how powerful Twitter is. Breathe a sigh of relief as there are ways (online and offline) to get more followers on Twitter.

Don’t buy Twitter followers

There are good ways to do something, and there are bad ways to do something. Buying twitter followers falls on the second. When you buy Twitter followers you are getting the raw end of a deal. You lose money and you get nothing in return. Those 100,000 followers you see on your account are not real people, they’re robots. You’re actually tweeting to no one. You parted with your hard earned cash so your tweets can fall on deaf ears. Not to mention the practice is illegal on Twitter.

Write a book or ebook

Writing a book/ebook does 2 things: first, it’s an advertising platform. Second, it’s a way to show you’re an expert. People love to follow celebrities and experts on Twitter. They’re the type of accounts that literally get a large following. Since it’s a lot harder to become a celebrity, become an expert instead.

Plus you can place your Twitter URL in your book. You can be conservative and just place it on the cover. Or you can be aggressive and place it below every page.

Embrace traditional media

Yes it is the digital age but never underestimate good old traditional media like radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. They still work and they still have an audience.

Approach your local media and see if you can get interviews or be a guest on them. This is where being an expert comes in handy because they won’t put you on air for no reason. You can then tell their viewers where to find you on Twitter.

For print media (newspapers and magazines), you can write an article that might be included on their next issue. Feel free to mention your Twitter URL in the article to get followers.

Attend events

Events are excellent places to meet new people and to get exposure. Be social and interact with everyone. The more friends you make, the more people you can exchange Twitter URLs with. Which in turn will get you new followers.

You can generate exposure to your Twitter account by giving away business cards. Just make sure to give a freebie along with the business card. This will ensure people won’t throw your business card in the trash after you leave.

Now that we’re done with offline tips, it’s time for the faster more effective online tips. Click on the link to continue.

Start a contest

Everybody loves contests because it’s one way to get free stuff without getting arrested. Choose prizes that are worth competing for to attract a lot of contestants. Don’t forget to tell contestants to follow you on Twitter as a preliminary requirement. You can also use hashtags to make your contest a trending topic. People might get curious and check your account out leading to more potential followers.

Use other social media

Are you on Facebook? You Tube? Instagram? Pinterest? Then use those major social networks to lend your Twitter a helping hand. Social networks have the ability to connect with other social networks. Take full advantage of that by posting a Facebook status asking friends to follow you. Upload a You Tube video then put a link to your Twitter profile on the description box. Mesh your Twitter and Instagram together to cross promote. Use existing social media to promote your Twitter account and vice versa (e.g., You need more Facebook likes this time).

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Start a podcast

A podcast is nothing but a recorded audio file (usually in mp3 format) of 2 or more individuals talking about a subject matter. This subject matter can be anything under the sun. There are podcasts about sports, politics, cooking and so on. The audio file is then uploaded to a website where people can listen in real-time (a live podcast) or download the podcast for later listening.

Think of a podcast as your own online radio station. Your fans can tune in and listen to you. And like any other radio station you can do advertisements. Mention your Twitter account every now and then so the listeners can follow you. Do it between breaks though as it can get annoying if done too frequently.

Be warned that the individuals talking on the podcast must be experts on the subject matter. People won’t waste their time listening to a podcast without any substance.

Be active on forums

Forum members have something similar to an email signature that appears in all their posts. And like an email signature you can place anything there. In this case, your Twitter URL. So sign up for forums you find interesting and become a contributing member.

Notice how it says “contributing member”. If all you do is post advertisements, other forum members will find you irritating and the moderators will ban your account. This is why it’s imperative to find forums that suit your interests. It’s a lot easier to join a discussion when you have some knowledge about it.

Just use Twitter

All of the above tips will be negated if you have a stale Twitter profile. So tweet, retweet, comment, be a Twitter account that people would love to follow.

Getting Twitter followers is alot like getting friends. We all want friends, we all want as many friends as possible, but we also know it takes time and effort to get friends. So be patient, work hard, and soon you’ll get those followers.

By: Paul Bapoo

I’m Paul and I have been working for several years to figure out how to make a reasonable income online through Internet Marketing techniques. I have attended seminars, read books, watched videos, tested many “online millionaire” strategies and can tell you for sure, that making a million involves a lot of luck and hard work. However, if you focus all your energy on simply making a decent living, then it is much more likely that you will succeed and that is what my book “ How NOT to be an Internet Millionaire ”and this web site are all about.

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