Valentine’s Day is coming up… Are you ready?

Planning a weekend getaway?
Shopping for the perfect date outfit?
Going out to the movies? Planning a weekend getaway?
Shopping for the perfect date outfit?
Going out to the movies?

No worries, you can SAVE MONEY on it all!

Use money saving discounts and coupons to help you save money on special occasions or any day of the week. It’s easy to save… become a member of Saving Makes Money!

What is the Saving Makes Money Membership?

It is a discount membership that gives you LOTS of saving opportunities with coupons and discounts.
You save up to 50% off at well-known retailers nationwide. Also, you’ll save with your local retailers.

Saving Makes Money Membership BENEFITS:

SAVE on a variety categories such as, shopping, dining, entertainment, and so much more!
With OVER 300,000 local & national retailers you are sure to find your favorite place to shop!
SAVE UP TO 50% off with discounts and coupons at your fingertips now!
Instant access to the members-only membership site, so you will be able to select all the discounts and coupons you want to use immediately.

Saving Makes Money members get 24/7 access to many discounts and coupons to save, from buying groceries, to saving on dining, to going out to the movies.

Enjoy immediate access to savings on…

Coupons for Groceries
Discounts on Dining
Discounts on Automotive Services
Discounts on Entertainment and Recreation
Discounts on Hotels
Discounts for Movies
Discounts for Shopping
Discounts on Home and Garden
And more!!!

After you complete the application for the Saving Makes Money Membership, and upon the application approval, you will be getting your saving benefits immediately with the Saving Makes Money Membership. There is a one-time application and processing fee of $87.00 which will be debited by Saving Makes Money. Then within thirty (30) days of your enrollment date, Saving Makes Money will debit the monthly membership fee of $19.95 from the payment method you provided when you completed the Saving Makes Money Membership order.

HUGE SAVINGS at OVER 300,000 local and national retailers! Save on your purchases such as dining, catching a movie, and going to pick up groceries. Merchants participating in this program will vary by location. Please take time to read the complete Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You must be 18 years of age, and a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The membership is not available to residents of Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Oregon, North Dakota and Iowa.

Immediate member access to the discounts and coupons.

Saving money is fun, smart and easy with Saving Makes Money! You’ll receive immediate access to the members-only membership website and you have the ability to start saving today. The Saving Makes Money Membership website is user-friendly and easy to follow. Once a member, you are given your own login and then you simply access your savings by typing in your ZIP Code or choosing to view a list of national businesses offering discounts on their products or services to you. Whether you are in your own backyard or going to be traveling to a different area for the weekend, these discounts and coupons will help save you money.

Start saving up to 50% off your purchases! Whether you're planning your next vacation or just looking for somewhere to eat tonight, you'll save on it all!

Get and use the discounts and coupons, either directly at merchant stores or through merchant websites… so check your members-only membership site frequently for the very latest deals and save the most money possible with the merchants you know & trust!

SAVE with discounts and coupons instantly available to you as a member!
SAVE with OVER 300,000 local and national retailers!
SAVE MONEY on a variety categories!

Please read the fees and benefits on the order site.

Go to for all the details.

Save money with Saving Makes Money… You can start saving today!

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