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Items from China have many advantages, primarily, they are very low cost and usually acceptable. If you prefer your things to be to be quality-assured and bound to arrive within 7-10 business days, don't buy from a chinese-based vendors. If you like to support local shops and be able to depend on the places you buy things from, do not buy from China-based vendors. But if you are willing to take a small risk in order to make BIG savings, I can genuinely recommend trying a chinese wedding dress online shop. Shopping for a wedding dress online can be a great experience and a big money saver, but it can also be the worst experience in your life. You will find loads of testimonies and comments going both ways on google. How to judge which comments are relevant and which ones are fake. This article explains how to judge and choose a wedding dress online shop. You will see how websites lie to earn your trust, and a few tricks on how to recognize dishonest websites in order to avoid getting scammed.

In the USA $1189 is the average amount spent on a wedding dress, for half the price you can get an amazing wedding dress online, and for the same price you would get the gown of a princess, is it really possible? Yes it is but there are a lot of scammers on the web and you must be cautious.

1. Customized Dresses

Some websites offer you the possibility to change parts of the wedding dress, what you must always keep in mind:
- Lace motifs cannot exactly the way you want unless they are handmade following your design or if you order a huge amount of wedding dresses. Let me clarify immediately that handmade lace for a low-cost wedding dress is impossible. It's important that the website makes you aware of that. An honest website will tell you upon your request that they are sorry for the fact that they cannot promise you a 100% resemblance to the lace motif you want but that they cans assure a certain percentage of resemblance 60/70/80%.
- Almost all the China based websites can modify the dress for you and they do it well. The dishonest ones try to make you believe they have a designer specifically assigned to you which is a blunt lie in 100% of the cases. If you want to test it ask them to skype with the so called designer using the webcam, and you will get a sketchy excuse.

2. What Style Will Suit Me?
Buying your wedding dress online doesn't mean you have to give up on the great experience of going to shops and trying on dresses. When buying a wedding gown online you must keep in mind that the way it looks on the picture is not necessarily the way it will look on you. If you go to a physical shop you will be able to try the gown styles in which you are interested and see for yourself if it suits you the way you thought.

3. Timing
A custom made dress takes 20-25 business days to be tailored do not believe any lesser amount of time. If you decide to order from an online shop give yourself time, for the following reasons:
- You want to have time for a seamstress to make the final resizing, in case you lost or gained weight between the moment of the order and the wedding date.
- Worst case scenario if the dress is not what was featured, it would be horrendous to have only 24 hours to find another dress .

4. The dress and the online shop are from China good or bad?
Most of the wedding dresses even sold in physical shops come from China, so it is not really an issue. The quality problems that may be met come from scammers and unscrupulous people rather the provenance of the dress. Over 90% of the wedding dresses online shops that offer low prices are from China. Where you should worry is when they try to hide their provenance. As we said China produces good quality gowns so why try to hide where the shop is and where it supplies its dresses. The owner(s) can be from a different nationality but the location of the E-commerce website is in 90% of the cases in china, no rents to pay, direct access to the factories, easy to control the quality before shipping overseas, a lower material cost, labor costs and life cost than in the West are the main reasons that allows them to offer you a cheaper price. Cheap doesn't mean bad quality, you can get a good quality dress that will look astonishing for a much lower price than in the US for the reasons I enumerated earlier.

5. How to judge the About us section

All websites have the About us section, even before going through the offers of the website read their About us section, it will already show you if they are obviously dishonest. Some websites try to trick you into believing that they are an American based company born in America with an office in New York for example. How can they offer you so low prices with their whole operations in New York,. They probably have an American phone number, but it actually is a number they buy from skype, and they'll be answering it from china. In most cases when you exchange emails with them you will notice that their English is bad (a lot of grammar mistakes, etc...) confirming the fact that they are not located in the US. If they are already misleading you on their location at the beginning, do not keep your hopes up of getting the wedding dress of your dream.

6. Return Policy
Do not believe shops offering you a 100% no questions asked return policy, it looks alluring but there are little chances they will abide when you ask them to send back the item and get a refund. Websites that have a return policy that is well structured with conditions for the return and penalties if the conditions aren't met are more likely to respect their part of the deal. As you will recognize in their policy that they agree to take responsibility if they did something wrong but not if the customer just orders 10 dresses to try them at home and then decides to return the 9 dresses she doesn't like (which seems normal too).

7. Overtime for a refund or a return
E-commerce sites usually have a refund, return, cancellation policies that are delimited in time (ex: you can return the order if there is a quality issue in the 7 days after receiving it). Before buying from a website you must clarify with them that the duration period of validity for the refund must stop at the moment you send them the first email concerning the issue. If you don't a lot of deceitful websites will stall their answer until you period of complaint is overdue and just blame it on you.

8. Payment
It is important to be cautious when it comes time to buying the actual wedding dress online. Always use a secure payment option when buying online (Paypal, Credit Card), this way you also will be able to contest the payment in case of a misfortune. Never pay for a dress online with a check, wired money, money order, or cashier check.

9. Should we trust testimonials?
The need to know about testimonials is that a lot of the positive ones are fake. And all the websites get bad comments once in a while which is normal too. Some negative comments are more valuable than others particularly when they depict obvious dishonesty or a lack of will from the seller to help you solve your problems

In conclusion favor websites that present themselves honestly, and that provide you with honest answers during the correspondence you may have with them. Dresses may come from china, tailoring time on certain dresses may take longer, on customized dresses details may differ from the original picture, the most important thing is that they communicate it to you honestly (This is what we can do and this is what we can't). Do not trust websites that try to hide information from you even if it seems irrelevant (ex: their location, their exact refund policies, etc...). If they conduct an honest business they have no reason of misleading you.

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