Five Must-Have Features of Great Online Party Rental Software

As more party rental businesses adopt online tools to help them reach new clients and modernize their business, they can use this quick checklist to help them identify the key features they should look for when evaluating online party rental software. In recent years, online party rental software has become a more valuable part of running a successful rental business. These days, customers expect to browse inventory, check pricing and availability, and complete a reservation online, no matter what type of device they are using. This guide will help you separate the necessary features from “nice to haves” that sound good but which provide little value to their business.

Below are the features that matter most:

Security - before your customers will consider renting from your business using their credit card, they insist on having robust online security protocols. Many credit card companies will not refund/reimburse customers if they enter credit card information on a site that does not offer SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. There are two ways to quickly identify if a site offers advanced encryption:
• The website address starts with “https://“ . The “s” indicates the site is secure
• The padlock icon in the browser
Security is a must for any online business. Not only do you want to provide this assurance to your customers, you need the peace of mind knowing that your information is protected from hackers.

Mobile-friendly - Smartphones are quickly becoming the preferred browsers. The convenience of turning to the phone makes it easy to understand why. Before you invest in online party rental software, make sure that it is mobile-friendly “out of the box”. Doing so will save you time (and money) from up-converting your site to a responsive design. Providers whose offering is mobile-friendly (or “responsive”) means future-proofs your business.

Unlimited inventory/transactions - Several party rental software providers require you to choose a plan that puts caps on either the number of items of inventory you can offer or the number of reservations you can accept. As your customers learn about online ordering, you shouldn’t have to pay more to serve them. Think back to when your cell phone plan had a fixed number of minutes or text messages - those overage fees were always an unwelcome surprise. Don’t get stuck in the same trap with your online party rental software.

Loyalty tools - Your online party rental software should be more than just a place to store orders. It should have “smart” features to help you stay in touch with your customers and reward them for past business (or provide incentive to do more business with you). Look for tools like automated customer reminders (to prevent forgotten rentals), coupon redemption and customer information exports. is a provider that gives clients the functionality to create digital coupons that can be redeemed at checkout. With smart features like criteria rules (minimum order value, number of times it can be redeemed, and start/end dates),’s offering gives clients complete control over coupon redemption.

Intelligent Delivery Settings - If your business offers delivery, and delivery pricing varies by destination and set-up area, your party rental software should offer intelligent delivery features that allow you to establish pricing for the various delivery requirements your customer may select (not just city/distance, but also things like whether the setup is on grass, in a park, on asphalt, upstairs, etc.).

Upgrading to online party rental software can be a smart decision for your business. It will take some time to add your inventory to your new online party rental software program, but once it’s added, the benefits will more than offset the time you spent to get started. Serving customers 24x7, requiring them to accept your terms and conditions prior to completing the reservation, and building your digital customer mailing list are big benefits that will help your rental business grow and thrive!

By: Anderson Silvwa

Founded in 2009, Renterval was among the first online party rental software and bounce house rental software companies in the United States. Since it's launch, Renterval has helped party rental businesses serve customers, maximize sales and grow their market share. As a completely online offering, Renterval offers clients an easy way to manage their rental businesses from any Internet connected device.

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