IWoodesign Presents the Most Desirable and Exclusive Luxury Backgammon Sets

This article highlights iWoodesign, the best company presenting exclusive luxury Backgammon sets - the most desirable game that you would like to own. Games are a part of our life from childhood. Games help build intellect and intelligence as well as killing boredom. Backgammon is one of the oldest game that can be played by two people. The game of Backgammon is controlled by the roll of the dice. The game consists of pieces of wood on the board and a dice. The basic aim of the game is that players need to remove all of the pieces from the board before their opponent does.
IWoodesign exclusively presents to you the best quality wood for the manufacturing of our luxury Backgammon sets. Each piece of the game is given a fine finish. Each backgammon set is unique and this makes it one of the best gifts you can give to your near and dear ones. Each set of backgammon is crafted with the best quality of the world’s most luxurious and rare Japanese Tamo Ash wood. The sets are handmade which includes sight catching grain patterns that originate from Hokkaido, an Island in Japan.
The game of Backgammon involves the combination of both strategy and luck, which includes the rolling of the dice. Backgammon has been played since ancient times and is very famous in the world today. Backgammon doesn’t take a long time to play, which makes it more interesting as players do not need to sit and play for a very long time. Backgammon can be played by people of all ages and the rules are very simple to understand. The board consists of 24 points with each player having 12 points on each side.
The game of backgammon was first played approximately 5000 years ago with tables and stones. IWoodesign exclusively presents the whole set crafted with the best quality that will entice you to play more and more. Not only is each backgammon set desirable to the eyes but it also gives a luxurious feeling while you play, increasing your intellectual powers with nature’s best material, crafted exclusively for you by iWoodesign.
Each luxury backgammon set is made in a limited quantity. The wood used in the making of these sets makes them unique and it is important to remember that the variances in the colour and the wood grain are both unavoidable due to it being a natural product. For more visit us at http://www.iwoodesign.com/Luxury-Backgammon-Sets-Boards-iWOODESIGN-s/53.htm

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IWoodesign exclusively presents to you the best quality wood for the manufacturing of our luxury Backgammon sets.

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