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Digital marketing is a great promotional measure, to get more buyers for photographic images and digital photographs. Digital marketing is a great promotional measure, to get more buyers for photographic images and digital photographs. The skillful integration of photography parameters colour, shade, brightness and contrast, along with camera and lens parameters, is critical to quality of a photograph. Digital marketing applications provide promotion space or marketing platform to photographs.
Digital marketing offers, a collective of promotion services for each and every category of photographic image, related to human experiences and natural landscape. The higher resolution photographic images are uploaded and hosted to gain display on product website. The better quality and sound levels of photo-editing, pull up, the net worth for a picture. The net additive benefits of digital marketing, results improved number of buyer’s visit to the portfolio. The secondary outcome of this internet based promotion, i.e. the sale of the photographs; improve in number, once digital marketing technique implemented to counterbalance the quality and promotion measures.
The intended buyer visiting a photographer’s website is now assisted in a manner, similar to ecommerce order generation and order management services. The commercial utility for these magnified digital photographs, is defined
i. commercial photo-image for use a picture image or in picture template
ii. art-fact or art object, that, now are traded online, with the help of digital marketing technique.

Digital marketing brings odds in favour of the photographer by posting photo-image as a image template or digital images of photographs in online picture galleries, commercial photo-lacer journals and free image websites. The process ensures that photographer, gets better visit, admiration, and online sales orders, from admirers, buyers and photo-lancers community.
The online promotion and offline promotion are powerful digital methods that replenish web traffic and maintain a steady or higher number of interested buyers interested in purchase of photograph.

The favourable word of mouth or referrals are generated with use of social media post, online and print article, aimed to evoke interest in public about the zeal of photographer. Also this step generates gradual physical response or online response from buyers and sellers about the demand for the photograph.
The digital marketing practices run high on cost cutting, cheaper than opportunity cost of physical promotion in art gallery or exhibition. Digital marketing technique form support base to physical promotion in art gallery or exhibition. The online banner promotion or ad-words based promotion strengthens physical event utility through use of online banner, tags, links, forum based B2C communication.
The ranking for a snap-image from the complete portfolio is observed and monitored to regulate constant demand. The aggressive measures on digital promotion include some of the time tested methods such as affiliate based promotion; channel promotion and sales channel development, dedicated to photographic images in digital portfolio.

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