Fashion Trends and the Power of Laser-Cut Acrylic Jewelry

Trying to look chic and sophisticated while sporting the latest trend can be a hard feat to pull off but with laser-cut acrylic jewelry, this can be easily done. Trying to look chic and sophisticated while sporting the latest trend can be a hard feat to pull off but with laser-cut acrylic jewelry, this can be easily done. These trendy pieces can be colorful, fun and - best of all -- easy to work with. By learning how to incorporate them properly into your chosen outfit, you'll be looking as glamorous as if you came right off the catwalk.

Tips to Avoid Looking Drab and Un-Fabulous

Do not use too many accessories at one time so you don't look as if you are trying too hard. Stick with one statement piece because simplicity is always the key to a great outfit.

An all-black ensemble can be transformed into something youthful and fresh by wearing a bright red acrylic necklace.

Monogram jewelry can help you add the hottest season color to your wardrobe without changing all your clothes and diminishing your life savings.

Avoid looking "matchy-matchy" by trying to use complementary colors instead of monochromatic ones. For example, if you happen to be wearing a soft pink chiffon dress, try not to use hot pink or fuchsia for your shoes or bag. Blend in another color, say lavender, to make your outfit look polished.

Customized jewelry can be tricky but if you stick to one piece, say a bracelet or a necklace, then you can pull it off as a fashion trend.

Creating Your Signature Look

Engraved and personalized accessories can sometimes make or break an ensemble. But when done in the right fashion, it can be a part of your signature look. If you avoid having it look over the top, then people might even follow your lead.

For example, a personalized money clip may look fashionable and trendy if you put your initials on it. Choosing to stay classy with a single hue, say silver or gold, can also amp up its beauty and not attract any negative feedback from passersby.

For your signature look, make sure that you pick a piece that will not overtake your outfit. Miranda Priestly, the fictional editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine in "The Devil Wears Prada'', uses a Hermes scarf as part of her signature look. It is neither too elaborate nor too simple but it reminds people of her whenever they see it lying around. Just ask her assistant Andy Sachs.

A powerful accessory can be the key to a successful and fashionable outfit but if it is overly done, it might also land you a spot on the ''Worst Dressed'' list. Just ask yourself, ''does this accessory make me look tacky?'' and if your gut says ''yes'', then it probably does.

Go for pieces that scream originality but not ''look at me!'' Remember, it is not a piece that will define you but your personality and characteristic. Such accessories are made to make your outfit pop but the person wearing them should never be overshadowed by anything, whether it be jewelry, real leather or a designer bag.

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