Social Media Marketing Mistakes

It's true that social media is a really powerful way to promote your business, but most people don't know how to do it effectively like a true professional. In this article, I will mention the most common mistakes in social media marketing. Social media a powerful way to build any business. It requires a complete understanding how it works in order to market effectively. Very few people know how to do this in a professional way and obtain results.

Social media should be treated like if you are in a social event in real life. What do you do when you are around people in a party?, do you walk around with a big billboard that says: "Make $350,000 If You Join My Business".

This is what most people do in social media by posting links about their business opportunities. Most people are turn off by that. People turn to social media to read the news, check out how their friends are doing, and the last thing they want to see is a salesperson trying to sells them something in their face.

This doesn't work and it's the easiest way to lose prospects for your business.

Here are some mistakes people do in social media.

They post of other people's walls. This is another way to get somebody upset. We have no permission to do that and if we do it, we are showing no respect at all.

They tag you when they spam. Again, this is another way to upset people because it's just like going to somebody's house to place billboards outside promoting a business. Not having permission is practically violating other people's rights.

Incomplete profile. What most people do in social media is going to your profile and learn more about you. They want to know where you are from, what you do, etc. Not having enough information will turn off most people because they don't know the real you. People who spam in social networks don't show any details in their profiles.

Wrong behavior. Many people are inconsistent with their behavior. If you show yourself as a professional marketer, act like one. Don't turn around and behave like a 5 year old. Show consistent professionalism. In most social platforms your friends can practically see when you comment on other people's posts, so being consistent is what very few people do in social media.

Being negative. The idea is to use social media professionally to get results, but negative comments of other people's posts can hurt us tremendously because we are not showing the world our true selves. We lose credibility and trust from people.

The idea is to be a professional by being honest about ourselves and develop relationships that at the appropriate time (if they show any interest), we can talk about our business (only if that can help them).

David Rodriguez

By: David Rodriguez

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