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Isuru Udana is a well-known professional Sri Lankan cricketer. He is a left-arm fast-bowling all-rounder and has appeared for Sri Lanka's T20 side. Isuru Udana is a well-known professional Sri Lankan cricketer. He is a left-arm fast-bowling all-rounder and has appeared for Sri Lanka's T20 side. He has the ability to move the ball off the seam and has tasted success at the top level. He was a member of the Sri Lanka squad for the 2009 World T20 in England and helped Sri Lanka reach the final in that tournament. But he did not play the 2010 World T20, and until early 2017, was mostly ignored by the national selectors.

When he was still a schoolboy, he joined Nondescripts CC, but before he had a chance to represent them in a domestic match, he was called to play for Sri Lanka Under-20 Schools side in the U-23 Division I youth tournament. He toured South Africa with the Sri Lanka A team in August 2008, despite not having played a single first-class match. In 2008-2009, he was the leading wicket-taker in the Inter-Provincial T20 tournament and helped Wayamba to the title as well as a berth in the Champions Twenty20 League.

He was born on Feb 17, 1988, at Balangoda. His Sun sign is Aquarius. His Moon sign is Capricorn, and his star is Dhanishta. Let us see what his birth chart tells us about Udana.


Udana has many good qualities. He is a person who takes joy in his work and is capable of doing a lot of work without complaining. He is someone who has an alert brain and is aware of things that happen around him. Nothing escapes his eye. All these make him a person who can exert a strong influence in his own sphere of activities. He is very practical in all that he does and has a sharp memory that keeps track of even the smallest details. In fact, he is so obsessed with details that he may end up irritating his colleagues because of it. Udana will never forget a face, though he is likely to forget names. He is a curious person who wants to know all about everything. He needs all the facts at his fingertips before he decides to act. As a result, he may often miss some good opportunities. For this reason, some people think he is a procrastinator. He is also too sensitive and tends to hold back when he should go ahead. This makes him unsuitable for some kinds of leadership. He does not insist on having his own way in everything and is quite amenable.

Udana is a confident and optimistic person. He feels that things will be okay and tries to ensure that this comes to pass. He is very kind and tolerant. He can understand concepts completely, even if he knows only the most minor detail. He has faith and a philosophical approach to life. This helps him to face trials with equanimity and enables him to achieve happiness. Udana has a great zest for life and wishes to accomplish something in life. But he may succumb to his inner contradictions and lose focus in studies. In that case, he should try to think freely and believe in himself. If he can fix a schedule and work according to it, nothing can come between him and success. He is someone who likes to share his knowledge with others, and this also helps him to remember things better. This will also help him in his studies. He is likely to have an education that will help him to prosper in life and also aid his mental growth.

Isuru Udana may find motivation in his children to fix goals and accomplish them. He feels responsible towards them and does not wish to let them down. While he should make good use of this motivating factor, he should see to it that he is doing only what he wants to do and not something that he is not interested in out of a sense of responsibility.


Isuru Udana should definitely marry, as solitude and loneliness are anathema to his nature. He can be a very charming person with the right kind of partner. It is better that he finds someone who has a cheerful and convivial personality. He likes his home to be tastefully furnished and does not like it to be untidy or dirty.


His health may not be very robust. But he is likely to have a long life if he takes care of his health. He may have indigestion and rheumatism. He should eat his food slowly and in peaceful surroundings. He must also take his meals on time. He must also avoid exposure to damp air, cold winds, etc.

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Udana has a passion for collecting things like old coins, old china, postage stamps, etc. He has an acquisitive nature, so he doesn’t like to throw things away. He thinks that he may need to use them someday. In other words, he is a born collector. His hobbies may have more to do with indoor activities. He has the patience to make things and is good at acquiring skills. We provide a free tool here

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