I always wonder that how would the life of an engineer be? I was always curious to know about the lifestyle of a person who is the backbone of our society. I always wonder that how would the life of an engineer be? I was always curious to know about the lifestyle of a person who is the backbone of our society. Does person who is responsible to make us lead a comfortable life is also living a lavishing Life? It’s true that he works day and night to make our lives comfortable. The mode of transport which you use is safer, sound systems deliver quality music; computers and mobile phones are a lot more fun. How is this possible? Who is the real mind behind such things? Who is making our lives more comfortable? Who is making a brighter future for us? So the group of people that are responsible for all the things and have the responsibility to tackle the complex problems and move us towards a better future must also a lead a comfortable life.
The meaning of comfortable life is not only in terms of salary but it is the way a person would wish to live. Although the engineers are paid a good amount of money for the work they do but do you think that they have a life just as you? Haven't you seen that how engineers are busy in their homes to do something creative? You might have seen many videos on the social networking sites that how engineers work day and night just to make you lead a comfortable and lavishing life. They are the real innovators of our society.
Engineers the real innovators of our society use their knowledge of science, mathematics, logic, and appropriate experience to find suitable solutions to a problem. To improve the living standards and quality of life innovation is the key and engineers are the real innovators of today. This shall become more important as our society transitions to high tech, high value-added activities. Engineers are the backbone of our society and the creatures who would lead us to a more bright future. Engineers have the unique role of solving social problems through the use of machines, devices, systems, materials and processes. My father is also an engineer. He works very hard not only in thr office but he is also busy at home to make something more innovative so that he could benefit the society. He leads a creative Life and is always busy in trying new and new innovations. Finally, the contribution of Engineers is very important to the quality of life in society and it is mandatory that they articulate their role clearly and firmly. Without Engineers a modernized world, where almost every person depends on Technology would be impossible. Engineers create new innovation stuff just by their different way of thinking from the common man and by their skills, dedication and hard work they create something new or improve the products.

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