Top 3 work related strengths - Top 3 ways to improve performance at work - Top 3 Questions to ask

I am sure you made a lot of interviews in your career. Come to this reading to check out the main questions companies are asking 2021. Hello! How are you doing?

This will be pretty much a dialogue. We will appoint some common stuff in jobs and interviews to get your mind to think and improve a little on this process (I hope you enjoy)!

Top 3 Work Related Strengths

Do you know what moment is it? The recruiter would like to know you more. Not only for the position fit, but to discover your talents and weaknesses. Also he will try to discover if you will try to lie to him.

What are your qualities? Let's see some examples to bring you ideas:







Faithful (please don't say very much faithful, since it will be a mistake);

Fast learner;



Observant with an Analytical vision;


Systematic (can be a quality if you control data and processes);



Of course you can pick other qualities not appointed here! But make sure to be honest, that is the main mistake many candidates end up doing during this question.

Top 3 Ways to Improve Performance at Work

1) Get your body in Thermal Comfort

Nothing like being stable, not sweating in the hot weather, not too cold to have your fingers freezing. I am sure you do not need your brain alarming you to adjust your body's temperature when you have to concentrate, right?

2) Hands must be comfortable

Skin treatment is important, also, cover up any cuts in case your hand has one.

3) Set a time for daily tasks and priorities

Everyone have e-mails, documents, things to arrange very soon in the day. Get them done to concentrate in what you really want as soon as you can!

Top 3 Questions to ask in an Interview

1) What are the company's culture?

2) When I want to make new innovations or inventions, what Director member can I reach to get support to my ideas?

3) How are employees recognized for their efforts and results?

Here you have to know where you can have to allocate your forces to get a reward. Make sure to have the main bosses' contact in order to don't have your ideas stolen by a "friend".

Know the company. You will thank me later for this short tip.

I hope you enjoyed!

By: Daniel Marcelo Damaceno

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Top 3 Ways to Improve Performance at Work
Top 3 Questions to ask in an Interview

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