The Happiness Solution

Your happiness is dependent on the correct application of your Copacetic Life Equation. Let me ask you a few questions...

Are you happy at what you do for a living or have you settled at a compromise at some level?
Are you working in a career that you love or have you just filled a demand out of necessity?
Do you know – without a doubt – what kind of career would be the most fulfilling to you and why?

Are you happy with the person you're with or have you settled at a compromise at some level?
Are you in a relationship that if you had to do it all over again, would you?
Do you know – without a doubt – what kind of person you would be compatible with and why?

Are you happy with and know your true-self or have you settled, yet again, at a compromise at some level?
Are you aware of what your “true” opportunities are, what your “true” abilities are, and what your “true” motivation is?
Do you know – without a doubt – what your Tri-Core Numbers and attributes are, its significance to you living it and why?

Now, those are the REAL million dollar questions that can be accurately answered predicated on what's inside your FREE Numerology Disclosure.

Now here's the BIG question: Do you know what constitutes a truly successful life?

I believe this to be the best response: A truly successful life is in the pursuit of sustainable happiness using your “abilities” to fulfill your “opportunities” that you are “motivated” to undertake.

In Numerology Science that equates to living in alignment with your “true" self. This is done by using your Expression to fulfill your Life Path fueled by your Soul's Urge. This is initiated first with the “Copacetic Life Equation.”

Your happiness will be inevitable when you correctly apply the Copacetic Life Equation to your Tri-Core Numbers revealed in your Numerology Disclosure and buttressed with the LEG Formula.

This is the ultimate power manifesting formula that has been hidden from the masses for centuries, which I have just now brought to the forefront. To discover all its details, first opt-in to gain access to their mini-course entitled: “How Insiders CHOOSE And USE “Authentic” Online Numerology Reports In 4 Short Lessons.”

By: Roy Kilroy Burns

Roy Kilroy Burns
Certified Numerologist

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