10 Things to do During Self-Quarantine

I am narrating my experience during my 2-week self-quarantine. I shared useful tips to people who are experiencing such and hoping they will learn from it. “No man is an island.” This phrase tells us that it is innate for humans to connect for survival. However, with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we learn to embrace the “new normal” by distancing ourselves from others. Self-quarantine is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) in situations when you were exposed to the virus or traveled to infected areas.

Separating oneself from others for 14 days is quite a long, lonely time. You might take some time off from daily activities such as work or miss your meals together with the family. Always put to mind that you are doing yourself and those around you a great favor.

I, too, experienced the long and lonely detachment from my family even though we live under one roof. During mid-January of 2021, Davao Safe QR (a contact tracing system used by the city government) identified me as one of those in the same area with a confirmed case. They recommended me to do a self-quarantine for 14 days and observe any symptoms. I was fidgety upon receiving the information while working on-site. Our medical personnel asked me to go home immediately and follow the recommendation.

Tips for your Quarantine

If you are wondering which activities kept me sane on the course of my seclusion, here is a list to take note of:

1. Always put safety first.

Isolate oneself. Stay in one room and use one comfort room. Do not share household items such as utensils and towels. If there are instances where you come across family members, stay at least 6 feet away. Follow protocols such as wearing your masks (yes, even though you are in your room) and washing your hands.

2. Listen to your body.

Make it a routine to check if you have common COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, colds, diarrhea, and fatigue. Report to authorities immediately if it gets worse.

3. Seek support.

Anxiety and fear will bother you through the course of the self-quarantine. During this time of uncertainty, ask for professional help via teleconsultation from licensed therapists or counselors. Follow their advice to keep yourself at ease. Do a video call with your close relationships and catch up with them.

4. Eat healthy meals.

If the kitchen is a common area in your home, refrain from cooking because there is a tendency of shared utensils with household members. Instead, request someone to cook you a hearty meal. You may opt to order food online and choose a contactless delivery. Avoid consuming sugary or salty food. Drink lots of water. Make this the best time to strengthen your immune system.

5. Make exercise a part of your day.

Your quarantine period is emotionally challenging, so you need a dose of happiness. You could do that by exercising – whether dancing in place or simply stretching. Keep fit by cleaning your room, folding your clothes, and removing the clutter off your desk. Any form of exercise releases happy hormones called endorphins.

6. Get enough hours of rest.

Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours a day boosts your immune system and helps fight the virus. Also, it improves your mood for the next day and eliminates the stress you are going through.

7. Express your thoughts.

Take this separation a Me Time. Keep yourself together by writing how you feel through a journal, blogging, or social media.

8. Entertain yourself.

Enjoy a good laugh by watching a romantic comedy series or movie on Netflix or Youtube. Play video games or musical instruments. Remind yourself to brush off worries from time to time.

9. Fuel your mind.

Keep your mind active by learning new skills. Take courses from FVA Business Consultancy for an in-demand remote job; (e.g., social media manager) if you consider working from home. Read books that would feed new knowledge. Watch documentaries on topics you did not know before.

10. Pray.

The outcome of the quarantine is beyond your control. Better yet, surrender your situation to the Almighty. Keep the faith that you will be victorious in this battle!

After the Isolation

If I survived the 2-week self-isolation, believe that you will. Giving up is never an option in this situation.

Remember, all of this shall pass.

Once you come to the end of your self-quarantine, do not forget to be grateful to everyone and tap your shoulder for coming through the darkest moment of your life. Always follow safety protocols to protect yourself from being exposed again.

By: Kristine Nebrija


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