5 Extreme Ways To Save Time After Work

We are all wondering how we can make the most of our day after a long day at work – especially after endless hours stuck at a desk, staring at multiple screens – WAITING TO GET OFF WORK! Well here are 5 extreme ways to save time to get you there!
1. Watch Netflix at 2.5x speed!
We all just want to chill and netflix after work right? Why not speed it up and watch it at lightning speed with this amazing Video Speed Controller plug-in! Just install it in your chrome browser and you are ready to go. Get more out of those TV shows yet you can kill them faster! WARNING: people will move like crazy with fuzy sound like no other but the subtitles will keep you going!

2. Speed Reading
Science and research has proven reading static, single words help to make you remember better so why not use Spreeder to help you speed up those readings! Especially useful for university students staying up for all nighters trying to complete their readings – time to say goodbye to those black sheep eye bags! Try it out for yourself now with Quirkology’s example below.

* CAUTION: it may cause you extreme dizziness if you over do it, so do this with care before your eye balls fall out!

3. DISHWASHER cooking
Okay we all cook with microwaves and what not but ever heard of DISHWASHER COOKING? Yep, that’s right you can cook your dinner whilst washing those dirty dishes! Just pop your favourite food into tin fool wraps, season them well and then hit the start button and you are good to go! SAVE both TIME and ELECTRICITY! WARNING: it may taste soggy and leave a disgusting after taste!

4. Cold Water Shower
A cold shower may not sound appealing but with the humid and hot summer weather – a cold shower can be super soothing! Not only will you save you gas bill but you will also save your water bill! And yes, using a cold shower helps to SAVE you a massive amount of time because its so damn COLD!

5. Housework gadgets
We have all heard of moving vacuum cleaners of course but ever wondered what other gadgets are available to keep our house dust and dirt free without you doing ANY WORK? An iRobot Braava will help sweep up those furry animal trails and a Winbot will help you to whip down those glasses sparkling like never before! Check out HGTV’s article for more cleaning gadgets to SAVE you precious time from CLEANING!

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