Dress Codes or Casual Wear: What Should We Go for?

Dress codes are decided to bring uniformity to the office environment. But these office wear should not be uncomfortable for the employees. So, select the dress code in such a way that, your employees are happy and the atmosphere remains formal. Deciding a dress code in the workplace has always sparked debates. Companies seem to have different opinions on what the employees should wear. Ranging from ‘head to toe, tailor made attire’ to ‘wear whatever you want’, companies have different policies. And apart from the employers, the employees too seem to express their opinions. Though, they do have the right to express themselves, as they have to follow the dress code.

But deciding the workplace attire is something to think about as it has an impact on the performance of the company. Company performance completely depends on the employee. So, if the employee is not comfortable then it will hamper his work. Some employers think that having a strict office wear will help the employees in getting used to the office environment and increase his productivity. While others think that this will make them uncomfortable and divert their mind from the work. And to escape this never-ending problem, some choose the middle route. They try to inculcate both casual and formal wear, in the attire.

But who will decide what is the accurate dress code? Human Psychology says that that there are no two persons alike. So basically, it is not possible to take a decision which will make everyone happy. Every individual's opinion will differ on what makes them comfortable. And so will their opinions will differ on the what type of clothes should be worn to the office that will increase the efficiency and the work performance. But, though there will be difference in the opinion, humans also have a herd mentality. They like a sense of belonging; it comforts them that they are not much different from others. And this need of belonging can be helpful to the employers to decide the dress code.

While deciding on the dress code the employers should think it through. Firstly, the dress code should be decided after thorough examination of the who your client is. The type of customer can be a big determining factor while deciding on the office wear. But before that first think of your company. Have you always given an impression to your clients that your company is strictly professional or have you approached them in a casual way. If your clients have always viewed you only as professional, and you want that to continue, then it is better if you stick to the rigorous dress code. But then also think, how many times you need to interact with the client face to face. If you want the relationship between you and the client to always be formal, then it is better to keep the dress code the same way.

But, when you think about the clients, you also have to think about the employees. After all, they are going to bring profit to you and grow your company . While, you may pass the decision of making the employees wear formal attire, they might not like it completely. They may not completely agree to your decisions, but you have to consider their opinion, after all they have to wear those clothes! So, while deciding the dress code, take into factor the office environment. If the environment is very informal, then introducing formal dress code may have an adverse effect. It might spread a negative opinion about the employer and the management. The employees might not show it, but they will have a grudge against the top-level staff for the dress code.

So, to avoid the disapproval of the staff and not to spread a negative opinion about the company to the client, it is necessary to strike the right balance. This can be easy if you design the dress code in such a way that it won’t be a strict office wear nor it would be a complete casual wear. Combine both of them. This way the employees would be comfortable while working and the client will not think that your approach is very casual. Or you can decide days of the week, when the employees have to wear the business attire and the other days he can come in casual wear.

This balancing act, is necessary to increase the work efficiency among the staff. And while you might impress your clients with different promotional products, the performance of your company is the only thing that will make him give you the contract.

By: Anna Jones

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