How Aashra Foundation Help People?

Across the globe there are people fulfilling the needs of others, who desperately need,. In several cases, the normal men have less likely to think of other’s requirement because he might have confined to routine work. Disaster might strike or luck turn against the people who already in critical situation in their life. In order to put them apart from such condition few organizations has been specially set up, serving as a middle person with every type of needs. From food distribution to conducting free operation, organization takes care as charity. Among that, few charities are very much detailed as far as offering vaccines to poor children at birth to prevent them from deadly illnesses. Whereas, other charities carries higher scope and just have message that they will use your donation to help needy. Several natural disasters occur every year irrespective of the country, state or district around the globe, leading to the loss of life. In this, there are condition that ruin larger population too often. For instance, earthquake leads to loss of life and infrastructural damage. Aashra foundation and several other charity has set up to help out such people, as those natural changes are unavoidable, we aim to respond immediately for such causes without waiting for donation. Several women organization in Bangalore, NPO and NGO conduct food camp, blood donation, medical service to HIV +ve children and lot more in India. Though several charities are meant to serve people, often steps back to come out with greater decision, due to their capital. Despite the fact, they are just as important. By accounting a local charity that is valuable as food bank might lacks definite resource to fulfill the requirement of the country. For any kind of charity in order to be successful, generosity towards the people is must. Your selfless act might uplift someone from downtrend and every single donation counts. Here, the most significant factor is that discover the necessity of the people, later the taken step will have accurate weight age. Aashra foundation normally holds separate identity and entity considering itself as trust fund or an establishment. For us, it is a vital role to work for the benefit of the public either by helping other community or performing own by various kinds of means. We operate within the framework of government and holds legal bindings. Different methods are utilized to create revenue to support the figured problem. The working structure of our organization is just as similar to that of any private firm with hierarchical working structure. The prime purpose of NGO is to retain the main principals and values by performing charitable work at necessary times. Doing so, the benefited people support journey of such organization. We do classify our social work into different groups, for instance, medical, educational, financial etc and work for the welfare of the society. Aashra foundation has defined to offer voluntary help, because to come out with firm decision leading to great generosity work. There are certain loop holes when it comes to government sector regarding this social work, but let’s not turn around there to avoid decrease in the rate of giving voluntary help.

By: kittu S Y

Aashra foundation focuses primly on women empowerment and offers every facilites that are achievable in women organization without any discrimination. HIV +ve children, cancer patients and highly handicapped are needed to be treated with higher generosity, so the organization is highly responsible for such kindness work.

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