Leather Duffel Bag Care and Storage

Three steps for maintaining the look and feel of a leather duffel bag. Whether you have a brand new bag or a used bag, all it takes is a little time and care to give it protection and a beautiful long life. The first step for any type of leather is to clean off accumulated dust and dirt. For most leathers this involves simply using warm water, a soft cloth, and glycerin soap or specifically made leather cleaner. If the leather is wet or damp, allow it to dry naturally. Do not use any form of high heat to accelerate the drying process as this will cause the leather to shrink and wrinkle. The general consensus on deeper stains, if unable to rub them out with a cloth and soap, is to take it to a professional. Do not use alcohol, chemical stain remover, or abrasive materials as these will damage the finish. One tip that has been proven to work on organic based stains is simple chalk. Take a piece of white blackboard chalk, crush into a powder, apply to the spot and allow to dry. The chalk will absorb the stain and ideally, brush away. An even easier option, if the spot is not too ugly, is to leave alone and let it become a memory.

Secondly, after cleaning the leather duffel bag to your satisfaction, begin by grabbing another clean soft cloth and a leather conditioner. The best technique is to put a bit of the conditioner on the cloth, and then apply by rubbing gently on the leather. Allow to sit for 10 minutes and wipe off excess. Let the bag dry thoroughly before use. There are a large number of leather conditioners available and they all offer the same functionality of moistening the leather to prevent drying and cracking allowing the supple beauty and luxurious feel of the leather duffel bag to shine. Conditioners that are oil based such as mink or neatsfoot simulate the natural oils found in leather but can also alter or darken the color of the leather. Other options are cream or spray protections but always look for organic ingredients.

The third step, once cleaned, conditioned and allowed to dry, is to store in a cool, dark, dry place. A closet shelf is a usual spot. Keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from heat will help lessen the effect of drying out. Do not wrap in plastic as this will not allow the leather material to breathe and can create a damp environment in which mold is likely to grow. Covering it with an old pillow case is a good option if the covering is required. Another tip to help keep the form of the bag is to stuff it with tissue paper or parchment paper. Do not use newspaper as the ink can smudge the inside lining. One last tip is to include a dryer sheet or bar of soap for a nice scent when need for the next adventure.

By: Eileen Port

Although it is not necessary to clean your bag every time it is used, by doing these few steps once or twice a year will allow you to have a beautiful leather duffle bag for a lifetime. LeatherDuffleBagShop.com

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