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Due to his simple personality the chief minister of Gujarat narendra modi is a fire brand of BJP and a very famous political leader. Narendra Modi, who started his political career in 2001, that's how his life was dedicated to the nation, how he gave a protected and happy life to Gujarati’s in Gujarat. Any writer wrote some amazing words ‘Unfortunately the truth is that nobody wants to listen to it’, the sound is so common to listen, but if we deep contemplation on this line, we found that there is a deep message behind this line. Why the way if we saw our around there are thousands of news papers and magazines, which are filled with modi flaws. In good thins there is normal to comes disorders. Something like that happened with Gujarat chief minister narendra modi. Since he took charge of Gujarat, disorder so as to become his shadow, but modi also tough with his commitment. With his passion and curiosity of nation, narendra modi changed the structure of his state. The 2002 Gujarat riots are still being surrounded by the opposition and turned to modi. We don’t know what the truth is, who was behind these riots, even is anyone responsible or not. Simply we can say that if you're sitting with unnecessary things, what happened over the country up. To some extent we are responsible for this worst condition of country. Peoples just discuss to each other over the country system, and when the thing come for responsibility, those people who blame to system unsay to their responsibilities. We all think that some body will start protest against this system. But no body will, and found weak their self. If some one try to speak and protest against all this, we are going opposite him. The same condition is with narendra modi, devoted to his complete life to nation. Modi knew it very well, then the way, on which he is running is not easy. He has to walk alone on this way full of criticism. Despite it narendra modi fulfill all those requirements which he decided for his state.
Narendra modi is a very genuine person ,he is a pure vegetarian . he is a very workaholic pesone . if we see his past life so he wrote a peom in gujrati and a very introvert person .
If we take a look to Ahmadabad, there was a time when city was struggling form highly pollution and worst transport system. Narendra modi made a strategy for public transport, which is famous to ‘JANMARG’ name and is most economically public transport system in the whole world. Now in 2013 the city is more green then 2007-08. On the other side Sabarmati river, if we saw before 10 years, the Sabarmati river was changed to a messy sewer. With the contribution of narendra modi and Gujarat government, again Sabarmati River converted to its actual form. Peoples of Ahmadabad like to visit the River for its cleaning and good looking. To Security point of view modi attached street cameras in the whole city with a control room, from where a operator monitoring the whole city, If there is anyone out there that is immediately reported to the police by the operator. Now if someone does hard work for common people, then it should be given the charges of whole country? Now what is your opinion or view, are you satisfied to me, is modi is a really a unique personality?

By: madhvi desai

narendra modi devoted his life to the nation and since 2001 he is continuesly doing a work for gujrati and indian .now its time to make our country proud to become narendra modi as a prime minister he is definitely a right candidate for modi for pm for more detail visit http://www.modiforpm.org/

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