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This incident dispelled pseudo egoistic feeling of deities about there power, capability and exposed the hollowness
of their tall claims. In can be easily presumed that the writer of the shabar mantras, shabar expert viks shastri ji,
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Even though we have a large collection of Shabar mantras which, if one choose to publish. Would assume the form of a
huge and voluminous book yet, for the sake of brevity and for actual benefit of our learned readers.

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We have picked up some very selective mantras which have generally been tested and verified for their quick results.
If our readers resort to any of the methods, suggested hereafter and have experienced some laudable and favourable
results, we would like to enlightened of the some.
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All the deities were wonder struck and got eager to know the actuality. Realizing dieties mental resolve, Agni deva
came to Dakhsha and told, "I am all famous Agni and my name is 'Jata Veda'. I have been sent here to know about the
mystery shrouding you. Kindly enlighten me who you are and what are your demands?" Showing his ignorance Yaksha said,
"So you are Agnidevta?" But, let me know about your prowess and what you are capable of doing?" This remark inflated
Agnideva's ego and again said, "I am a unique power having fire as my trait and light in this universe is because of
me alone.

If desire I can reduce entire universe into a heap of ashes." Yakha smiled at the boastful claim of Agnideva and placed
a dry straw of grass before him and said, "You are so powerful to burn anything,. Please ignite this straw. " Agnideva
got enraged due to his being ivoked at. He wanted to burn the straw but when he failed he applied all its force but
could not ignite the straw.

It was not possible because capability to burn is provided by almighty God. But his ego stood in his way to let him
realise the stark reality, resultantly his head hung with shame and he returned to the deities in a dazed form.

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Vashikaran Mantra
But his ego stood in his way to let him
realise the stark reality, resultantly his head hung with shame and he returned to the deities in a dazed form.

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