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It is manifest to the most superficial observer, that a certain secret power is diffused through all the

things that are near the earth, according to the nature and properties of the firmament, and circum-ambient

air and to the power and influence of the luminaries and the other celestial bodies.

the sun beings the superior luminary and the fountain of the life governor all the things that bear relation

to the earth not only by varying the season and bringing to perfection the seeds of animals and the

fruitfulness of planet the flower of waters and the mention of bodies but also the changes of the day of

heart and moisture of dryness and cold as it hath respect of the meridian or mind haven the moon also being

nearest to earth delist down and influence by which things animates and inanimate are effects and changed

rivers are agreement and diminish according to her light the tides vary as she rises and set plants and

animals ,in according whole or in part increase and decrees with her in the same manner the stars fixed

ecstatic as they keep on or uniform cause a many appearances around us for they keep on their produce cold

and heat and wind and rain by which also things on the earth are suitable governed and their manual

configuration as their influence co-operate with or oppose one the other produce variation according.

The power of the sun is on all hands admitted to be most prevalent as it is obviously most universal the

other heavenly bodies occurring to verity of their aspect the sun unite with of resist his influence

agreeable the nature ant force of the such of such aspects this happens most frequently and the most forcible

with the Moon, as employ longer time according to their declination or as they appear in our horizon.
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By: zafar ji imam

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