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The administration of an estate is a difficult process, especially while grieving the loss of a loved-ones. The process of dealing with a deceased individual's estate and assets is known as 'Estate Administration'. Estate administration is not always required; there are some circumstances where the deceased's estate does not require estate administration.

Administering an estate from far is not ideal. Sometimes, situations demand that estate administration Brisbane be done without being present in the place where the assets are located. Estate administration Brisbane in itself is a complicated subject which needs a few forewords before I begin narrating my experience with Gabriel, Ruddy and Garrett Solicitors, the most trusted name in estate administration Brisbane.

Solemnity of death ends with the will of the deceased. Unless there is a will, the deceased lives among us in the form of his estate and properties. The Australian law borrowed quite a lot from the old English law, by which, if a person does not leave a will behind, he is considered legally intestate. Under such circumstances, the estate law provides appoints administrators and follows law laid down by the state. If a will exists, the executor is expected to carry his or her duties in that role and dispose of all the property as mentioned in the will.

This is where I got stuck, I have never been to a court, let alone administer a will of a deceased person, but I was trusted and had to do my best. Somebody in the club referred the name of GRG and I took his words for it without looking for any other alternative. Thankfully, everything turned out well.

GRG had the extensive knowledge that is hard to find today and they were very compassionate about the issue. I found them attentive and patient about my problem. They helped me when I had to file tax returns on the property and also in advising ways to circumvent bureaucratic barriers I faced while acting in the responsibility of an administrator.

Till the end, we shared a rather friendly relation with them and they always offered reasonable advice whenever the need arose. I highly recommend GRG because they can assist in all matters of estate administration Brisbane.

By: Alaina Campbell

Gabriel Ruddy & Garrett is a Brisbane based law firm offers professional estate planning and estate administration services in Brisbane. Our experienced estate-planning lawyers can help you work through the estate-planning implications & estate administration.

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