Bad Trump on Mexican immigration comments?

This site is dedicated to following Donald Trump (aka The Donald) during his run for the White House. Is he the best Republican candidate? Is he a shoe-in? Why Trump? Well, no to the first two questions, but the why is quite simple. First, let’s insert the immigration comment that set the media off: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best….They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” The way the sentence is written (and was said) is definitely a Bad Trump! But, when if you switch this around a little, he isn’t taking a shot at anyone, but is instead stating facts. Let’s try: “Mexicans in general are a good, hard-working people. When Mexico sends it’s people illegal immigrants, they’re not sending their best….They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” This is an accurate statement and anyone that understands how Mexico is divided by a huge class system that even supersedes their racial (mainly skin color and/or darkness), political, generational and even living area. The uppers have it all and the rest fight for the scraps. The Mexican government could easily shut down their border if they wanted to prevent illegal immigration into the US. Just try to gain illegal access INTO Mexico (great article about how Felipe Calderon, the Mexican President at the time, called Arizona’s law as “racial discrimination” although their immigration laws are much more severe - Dare cross our border!). Or even worse, be a Marine on a hunting trip, near the border, making the mistake of accidentally crossing the Mexican side - The 214-day hunting trip! I digress… Back to Trump and his comments. Is every single immigrant crossing over the US boarder headed for a life of raping and/or crime? Most likely no. But, they are undocumented. I know the media struggles with this term and wants to give everyone stats on how everyone crossing the border illegally is just looking for a new life. They have no idea. Why? The immigrants are UNDOCUMENTED!!! CNN Politics released a video (lower video on page link ahead ->) where they critiqued Trump’s comments listed in the above first paragraph - “Fast-checking Donald Trump’s immigration comments“. In true CNN-like fashion, their data was skewed and incorrect. As they break down his comments, we will break down their’s (CNN): “First of all, Mexico, the government, isn’t sending anyone.” - This is an opinion and not a fact. If the Mexican government is not attempting to prevent illegal immigration to the US, then they ARE in fact, sending all of them. Let’s ask the question that if Mexico is getting over $25 billion sent back to them every year and they don’t have to lift a finger, why would they ever prevent it? “Drugs coming in from Mexico is certainly a well documented problem. Often times through underground tunnels. And experts say there is definitely an overlap in human and drug smuggling. But, the vast majority of undocumented people caught at the border are nabbed on immigration charges, 89%, while drug trafficking charges account for only 5% according to PolitiFact. So Trump’s statement “they are bringing drugs” may be true, but is far from the complete story.” - First off all, PolitiFact is an extremely left-slanted organization that hasn’t see a good statistic outside of one they invented in many years. I am not saying it is bad because it is left-leaning (understatement), but because it is so far left, it can’t be trusted to actually provide factual information (yes, there a right-leaners that drive me even more crazy). PolitiFact is a Pulitzer Prize winner, but to see where their affiliations cause them issues with their facts, check out The CNN comment is just flawed and if read slowly, just doesn’t make any sense. We are talking about illegal immigrants being involved in the drug trade (Trump comments). This comment “But, the vast majority of undocumented people caught at the border are nabbed on immigration charges, 89%, while drug trafficking charges account for only 5% according to PolitiFact.” makes absolutely no sense. We have a “drug problem” in the US due to all of the drugs NOT being seized at the border. So, who really cares, even if the PolitiFact stats are correct, about what happens with the caught illegal immigrants in the first place. There is no security issue here - they have been caught (unless our government releases them again I guess). According to Fox News Latino, drug seizure is way down on the border although illegal immigration is posting “record numbers” and that this correlation is most likely due to cartels turning the once small, family business of the “coyote” into a “a highly sophisticated human trafficking network.” The video goes on to speak about illegal immigrant crime and how it is such a small percentage and there is no proof that most of them are criminals (it is very long - please listen to video on above links for entire segment). Well, the funny thing is that their facts are whack again. Here is a great article slanted to attack Trump, but I was pretty frightened after reading this and the fact that I live in the southern US from none other than PolitiFact (love the article title and please read this) - Trump immigration claim has no data to back it up. Reading through this article you can pull out some wonderful tidbits such as “The basic claim is at best unsustainable or more likely pure fiction. A fact created out of thin air,” said Ramiro Martinez, a criminal justice professor at Northeastern University. “There is no substance to the Donald Trump assertion since the data do not exist.” (This was mentioned in CNN video as a fact because the Prof said so). Then more fun, “A 2011 Government Accountability Office report gets us a tiny bit closer. In 2009, state prisons reported about 90,000 incarcerated individuals of illegal or unknown immigration status, and local jails reported about 204,000.” And then finally they close with, “Without any good information to back it up, Trump’s claim falls flat. We rate it Mostly False.” Really, you can’t make this stuff up… The final piece of the video goes on to denounce Trump’s claim of illegal immigrant rape. Once again, as CNN claims that Trump is “generalizing”, which can be deceptive, CNN also goes on to explain that although what Trump is saying is not correct, sex crimes are only reported 36% of the time (not sure they got that stat) and is very difficult to track. Seriously, huh??? We are going to try to put this in English - So, we really don’t have any stats, but because we are CNN, Trump is always wrong so there has to be some stats, somewhere, that shows that illegal immigrants are not rapists - so there! (or something to that effect)… CNN also brings the author of the article that Trump was quoting onto CNN, where she (the author) stated that Trump took out of context that 80% of all women crossing the border via Mexico (from Mexico, Central or South America) are raped. CNN disputes this as that this does not mean the immigrants are doing the raping and it could be the traffickers or officials (yes, Mexican officials - na, that’s not scary) doing the raping. When they told this to Trump, he responding with “well Don, someone is doing the raping”, classic Trump and you can’t really argue that (CNN tape stopped after that - shocker). So, here’s my take and why I am going to Bad Trump his comments, but Good Trump his meaning aided by idiot breakdowns of his comments. I mean seriously people, can’t we just beat The Donald by saying that his comments were stupid - period? Or, maybe that he needs some polishing. I personally don’t believe Trump is racist, but I do think he is frustrated and speaks before he thinks. Due to this point standoff, neither tally will hit the TrumpTracker this time. With that said, can anyone tell me why Mitt Romney provides sound bites for party he is not affiliated with? Same article as my rant, but first video at top - Trump’s immigration comments hurting GOP, Romney says. Really, first Romney didn’t didn’t say that, he was asked if he thought that and he said yes. Secondly, of course they would ask Romney this because he is yesterday’s news and the only way anyone what care what the loser had to say was if he attached it to The Donald. End rant…

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