Does Mr. Obama know what an Ayatollah mean?

Suppression, imprisonment and executions, are the nature of Iranian rulers By:Heshmat Alavi(@heshmatalavi)
In the June 2009 uprising against the religious dictatorship, the Iranian people also addressed Mr. Obama as, “Obama are you with them or with us?”. The ensuing years after the uprising was savagely crushed and Khamenei‘s regime searched for more prisons to put its people in, Iranian people well understood that US government had made its choice. At the same time when Iranian resistance was contained and reckoned among foreign terrorist organizations, “political considerations” required that the blatant breaches of human rights in Iran be overlooked. Mr. Obama preferred to have private phone conversations with Iran’s supreme leader than to have a look at hundreds of letters and messages sent to him or to the US State Dept. by Iranian human rights activists.
Suppression, imprisonment and executions, since the very first day of this regime, showed that Iranian people and their rulers are not only united but a colossal confrontation exists between them. It would be tactless or even partial to insist on monolithic of the two sides. Governments in the west always insist their policies are in the interest of the people who voted for them. After an eleven year marathon of nuclear talks the Iranian regime has not desist from its desire for a nuclear bomb. Negotiations did not make the world safer for American or European people. The wise way to save people from the poisonous bite of a viper is to knock its head with a rock. That rock once came up in 2009 but US government missed the opportunity.
It did not take long after the anti-monarchy uprising that Iranian people realized they were betrayed by Khomeini who had disguised himself as a believer in Islam. The first and the most precious jewel they lost were their freedom and then human rights. Ayatollahs would never tolerate any demurrer sound. They paved their way for looting and plundering the wealth of Iranian people by erecting gallows and building prisons. This was what their Para military forces such as IRGC or the Besiege did for them. Iranian people found their friends among those who stood firm against the terrorist threats of Ayatollahs.
Iranian people never trust the authorities in their government whether when it appeared in the grim face of Khomeini or in the nauseous smile of Zarif. The meaning of Ayatollah is not found in dictionary books. You can simply click to protestors on the streets of Iranian cities. Iranian workers, students, teachers, nurses, lawyers, and even those clergy who do not believe in the theory of Supreme power can help you. Iranian women, the first losers in the Mullahs rule, soon found themselves victims of the most atrocious misogynist regime. Not only they would be arrested for not properly veiling their hair or using make up but they were also deprived of certain jobs, branches of educations or sports,. ... They became subjects of acid attacks and were defined as second degree citizens by the state laws. Ayatollah means Reyhane jabbari, a 26 year old girl who was hanged by Iran regime for defending herself from an assaulting government agent. It means Farinaz Khosravi the Iranian Kurdish girl who jumped off a four story building to save herself from the same kind of intruder and Somaye Bahram Nezhad who hanged herself to die on June 4th after she was raped at gun point by an IRGC guard.
National Council of Resistance of Iran has announced it is holding its annual reunion in Paris on June 13th. It would be wise to listen to the speakers of the event; including president elect of Iranian resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, and guests from different parts of the globe. They will tell “what an Ayatollah means”.

By: heshmat alavi

National Council of Resistance of Iran

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