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The stink of garbage has transformed itself into a challenge poll issue with every candidate spelling out his plan of action and more citizens seeking solution to their problems. The city's reputation as garden city or the international recognition is at stake for a basic issue like garbage disposal. Rizwan Arshad the congress candidate for Bangalore Central constituency notes that Garbage problem is an evolving one in the city that reflects not just government failure but a comprehensive collection and dumpling plans. Earlier too one could note the collective bins would be empty but the in and around area will be littered. Bangaloereans had the issue of using the bin right and littered around. Then a door to door collection began and later a segregation of dry and wet waste was formulated with BBMP distributing bins for the purpose too but still an effective system is yet to be established.

Its for this reason Rizwan Arshads approach to these issue strongly recommends and advocates a mass movement of citizen participation. He concurs that there is no death of scientific plan or practical solutions adopted for garbage disposal the need to identify the right solution, create the awareness for its validity and most importantly scale up operations for seamless execution across all stake holderagencies and public in the disposal of garbage.

That's the spirit of participatory process and a progressive leadership displayed by Rizwan with a vision for garbage freeBangalore.

Beggar Free Bangalore

Eradication of beggary is obviously not on the agenda of many. But Rizwan Arshad the Congress candidate from Bangalore Central Constituency has this on his agenda. This comes from a deep knowledge of the unique composition the wards that include a slum. Rizwan points out that despite having a 'strong' Karnataka Prohibition of Beggary Act - 1975, the population of beggars is swelling and the State capital has a sizable population of about 50,000 beggars.

These are some of the facts which Rashtrotthan Sankalp Trust (RASTR) found out while doing a study on the status of beggars in Karnataka. As far as the CRC is concerned, its state is as pitiable condition as the beggars of the states. According to Santosh Nargund, a team member of the trust Section 4 of the KPB Act lays down that the CRC shall comprise three official and four non-official members. While the rule book specifies that the CRC shall consist of not less than 15 members and shall not exceed 30 members, its present strength is four and all of them are officers and none of them are from public.

The rehabilitation packages and programs for the beggar community need to be more effectively executed too. The very reason that this is a prominent issue in his agenda and a point he wants to drive with citizen participation making it a mass movement to instill city's pride amongst Bangalore.

By: rizwan riyan arshad

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